Friday, December 14, 2001

Playground Safety For Kids

Parks and other play areas can be a lot of fun for your youngsters. Unfortunately, they can also be dangerous. Teach your kids about playground safety today to help them be safe and enjoy their playtime. Let your little ones know that they should always request your permission and let you or another caregiver, (other parent, babysitter, teacher, etc), know where they will be playing. Make sure that they know they should play in groups with other children and never by themselves. Other safety tips to share with your kids: Never play in the street and do not chase a ball or other items into the street. Ask an adult for assistance instead. Be aware of broken playground equipment and report any issues to an adult. And, as with other locations as well, never talk to strangers. If someone you don't know approaches you or tries to get you to go somewhere with them, notify a trusted adult immediately. Many parents are now using a child locator device to keep kids safe when they are on playgrounds as well.

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