Monday, December 7, 2009

Bicycle Fashion and Safety for Kids

For children and young adults, bicycles are not just a mode of transportation but a fashion statement. Your child may request a particular brand of bicycle. It may be a brand they’ve been exposed to on television or a brand their friends like. Your child may tell you that wearing a bike helmet isn’t “cool.” And they make want to wear “cool” clothes and accessories like iPods while riding their bicycles. The pressures to fit in for children are greater than even. Our children are constantly bombarded with flashy marketing champagnes and judgment from their friends about what is and what isn’t cool and gadgets such as a gps locator device. Fighting with your child about bike safety isn’t the answer. Making bike safety fashionable can help you and child find a compromise that keeps them safe.

Bike Helmets: “I’m not wearing THAT thing!”
Buying a bike helmet that meets certification standards from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) seemed like a brilliant idea to you, but when you got it home, your child responded, “I’m not wearing THAT thing!” or something similar. Don’t lose hope. You know how important a bike helmet is to your child’s safety, and while your child may not care so much about the safety aspect of a bike helmet, they will care about the coolness (or un-coolness) of a helmet. Involve your child in the bike helmet buying process. Giving them an opportunity to pick out a helmet they like may solve your bike helmet fashion dilemma. Just be sure that whichever helmet they pick out meets safety standards, and you’re all set! If having them pick out their own helmet doesn’t solve the problem, suggest that your child can “personalize” their helmet to help make it look more “cool.” Paint markers and stickers (from your child’s favorite show or band, etc) to decorate the bike helmet can help your child take ownership of the helmet – making them more likely to wear it.

Reflective vests? You’ve got to be kidding, Mom!
Along with bike helmets, clothes that make your child more visible while riding their bike can greatly reduce the chance of accidents and injury. But trying to get your child to wear bright neon clothes isn’t always the easiest thing to accomplish. Instead of trying to push reflective vests and neon jumpsuits on your child, try incorporating reflective strips into an old jacket or shirt. Reflective strips are easy to sew onto most clothing types and iron-on strips are even available in some stores. Also make sure that your child’s bike has appropriate reflectors.

But I need to listen to music! (Every minute of every day)
A lot of children feel very attached to their iPod, mp3 player, and/or cell phone (which likely also plays music). In today’s technology obsessed culture, children aren’t the only ones obsessed with their “lifestyle accessories.” Be sure to educate your child about the dangers of using such devices while riding bicycles. Music and cell phone usage can be distracting and keep your child from paying attention to traffic or other hazards. If needed, consider holding on to your child’s for safety.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Children Can Be Victims Of Identity Thieves Too

We all have a lot of numbers in our lives that are important but the two most essential are our social security number and credit score. Your social security number is your personal identification number that ties you to who you are, what kind of financial responsibility you have and is essential for jobs and more. A credit score is tied closely to this and while a good one makes achieving goals such as home ownership easy a bad credit score can make even getting the dream job impossible.

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes not only in the United States but all around the world as thieves learn to steal these important numbers in order to use them for their own gains with no intentions of paying back the loans they open. While most adults are well aware of this problem they take the steps to try and keep their personal information private while monitoring their credit for signs that someone may have stolen this information for their own use. But yet many parents do not stop to think that this is crime that can happen to their children as well as themselves.

Many identity thieves are now choosing to acquire the names and social security numbers of kids just because of the advantages that come with a new clean slate. Though there is a lack of credit history these thieves have found that building one up does not take much effort and in a very short time they can establish enough to have several credit cards as well as even mortgages. Plus since the child is not using their credit as well the chances of the crime being discovered is next to nothing for many years.

While many parents guard their child against abduction with a GPS child locator they fail to protect their identity and the problem is not discovered until it is too late. By the time the teen is ready to attend college and need a student loan or buy a first car the low credit score with several loans in default is finally discovered. While it takes some time to clear up the confusion and clean up the credit it will put the whole life of the child on hold stopping them from reaching for their goals and fulfilling their dreams.

Parents can actually monitor the credit of their child just as they monitor their own. Even the top three credit reporting agencies give parents the chance to run a credit check on a minor child once a year for free in order to catch any potential issues and put a stop to them now instead of later. Though it will not prevent identity theft of a child’s name and social security number it can help discover the crime early so that it can be corrected while the child is still young and not when they need their credit the most.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Understanding Radio & GPS Child Locators

A Google news search on the subject of child abductions will show that each and every day a abduction is attempted somewhere in the United States some of these are stopped while others are successful. This does not include attempted abductions which for some reason are not reported to the police or do not make the news. For the parents of today this is extremely disturbing news since we do not want our children to become the next news story.

Teaching kids about stranger danger does help significantly but the recent news story on the abduction of Jaycee Duggard so many years ago only shows that sometimes kids are just physically grabbed at the scene. Finding a child quickly will make the difference between them coming home safely and parents potentially never seeing their child again only to wonder what happened to them.

The modern technology available makes locating a child as simple as using a cell phone. But parents need to realize when shopping for a personal tracking device that not all of them operate the same. While some use GPS satellite navigation others only use radio frequencies. The difference between the two is a few hundred feet to almost limitless coverage. While the radio frequency models are cheaper and do not require a monthly fee they are very limited in that parents have to be within such a close distance for it to work and locate the child.

A child locator device like the Amber Alert uses GPS technology to locate the position of the child. Much like the GPS units that are being used in car navigation this personal tracking device is capable of working just about anywhere. Parents can access the coordinates by using their web enabled cell phone to find their child whether they are a few hundred yards or even miles away.

Of course many parents make the wrong assumption that anyone will be able to locate their child by accessing the GPS coordinates. This is not the case though since via a website parents can program in many customizable options on the child locator device so it fits their needs. From being able to program in what phone numbers can access the device to setting safety zones and temperature as well as speed alerts parents can make sure they can not only find their child but be notified when something is amiss.

While the Amber Alert GPS child locator may cost a little more than the models which use radio frequency the advanced range and options make this unit worth every penny spent. When the safety of a child is the thing at stake there should be no price tag too high for making sure they have a complete and happy childhood.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Amber Alert Can Keep Teens Safe Too

We hear a lot about protecting out toddlers from dangers in the home as well as those out of it by childproofing as well as using devices like the child locator device. But what about the older kids? Even pre-teens and teens still need to be careful guided and watched over. While it may seem odd child proofing a home for teens it does still need to be done. Teens are susceptible to accidents involving guns, alcohol, and drugs so parents need to ensure that these items are not readily available for them in their home.

While parents may choose to drink and have prescription medications they must take it does not mean they should leave them where teens can have access. These items should be locked into liqueur cabinets as well as medicine chests where they cannot be tempted to try and take them. Of course many parents have that not my child mentality but peer pressure can be an amazing thing in the life of a teen.

Guns too are ok to have in the home but access to them should be carefully controlled. All guns and ammo should be locked safely away into gun cabinets and the key should not be accessible at all by the kids. Even if they have their own gun in that cabinet teens have no reason to take one out without the supervision of a parent to ensure that it is used properly.

Teens should also be carefully monitored while they are using cars. Though they may be excellent drivers while their parents are in the car, when alone or with friends their habits can be totally different. The Amber Alert child locator device is capable of monitoring a teens speed and can report to the parents immediately when a set speed is exceeded. This can be invaluable in keeping teens safe behind the wheel.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Protect Your Child Against Non-Stranger Abduction

So many cases where children are abducted the child is not taken by a complete stranger but by someone who knows the family or in some cases actually someone from the family. These abductions occur so much more often since the person who wants to take the child has something right from the start that a stranger does not have, the trust of the child. For a parent who has taught their children all they can about not talking to strangers keeping this other type of abduction from occurring can be tough, but there are ways to fight this and protect your child other than just outfitting them with a GPS child locator.

One trick many abductors use is to pick up the child at a bus stop or at school where they make the child think that this is what you the parents actually want. Since the child knows the person they feel that it is okay to get in the car with them. One way to combat this is with the use of a safe word. No matter who it is your child knows that they must know this secret word before they get into the car with whoever is trying to pick them up. This trick is effective for combating abductions by family members as well as by just general acquaintances that may know just enough to mislead a small child.

Parents should also be cautious of the information they are posting on the internet for all to see. By blogging about your children and posting photos of them on social networking sites you are providing potential abductors with the valuable things they need to know to make your child believe that they know this person well and should actually go with them because they truly believe this person is a friend of the family. Non-stranger abductions may be tougher to stop but it is still possible to protect your child from this form of danger.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Child Safety Gates Are Important For Home Safety

Being a parent can be tough and when you start talking about all the things that a parent has to watch for in order to keep their kids safe it can get even tougher. Many homes today now have some sort of stairs that can hurt children as soon as they start becoming mobile. Even a child just being put into their walker can manage to quickly get near a set of stairs and topple down them unless there is a barrier placed there to prevent the accident.
Luckily child safety gates have become very affordable as well as easy to use to block off your child’s access to stairwells. These gates are perfect for keeping tiny ones in walkers from falling down steps as well as keeping exploring toddlers in check when mom is trying to get the chores done. Safety gates are not only perfect for blocking access to stairs but also for stopping children from going into dangerous rooms that are not as child proof as they should be. Parents today have a lot to watch out for in order to keep their children safe. But luckily they are equipped with the tools for getting the job done such as safety gates and child locator devices so they can take good care of their children.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Using The Safety Zones Setting On The Amber Alert

One of the features that parents appreciate the most on the Amber Alert GPS child locator is the ability to map out safe zones for their child. As kids get older they begin to want to really play around the neighborhood with their friends and as a parent we set up boundaries on how far away from home they are able to go with permission so that we do not have to worry about our children beyond their own neighborhood.

The Amber Alert allows parents to program in those safe zones where their children are allowed to play. This way they can enjoy their friends but parents can be alerted if the child leaves the zone they are supposed to be within. If for some reason the child leaves the programmed in safe zone parents will receive an alert on their cell phone to let them know this has occurred. If the child was abducted by a stranger this can ensure that a search can begin immediately to recover them from the person who took them from their neighborhood. If the child left the safe zone on there own the child locator device can still help parents find their child but what happens after that is up to them.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Knowing Where Your Kids Are While Traveling

The upcoming holidays is when most families hit the road to take a vacation together and unwind while they enjoy the season and the time off. But for some families vacation can quickly turn into a very scary situation when a young child wanders off from the rest of the family. This can happen so easily and quickly at a business shopping mall or even a rest stop. For both the parents and the child the time from noticing the child is gone until they are safely returned can feel like an eternity even if it only lasts for one minute.

During a vacation everyone in the entire family is more excited than usual and this extra confusion and excitement is the ultimate recipe for a lost child. Parents are more distracted with handling souvenirs, money, and finding their way around the crowds. While kids are exited about being away from home and are more apt to see something interesting and want to take off and see it.

For this reason parents should highly consider using a child locator device on their next vacation. These handy tracking devices work excellent with a cell phone to find the exact coordinates of a child to lead you to them quickly. Once a parent sees just how effective they are while on vacation they will truly understand just how useful having a personal tracking device all year can be.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting Involved With Security At Your Child's School

Most parents are concerned with the safety of their child and much even use technology such as a personal tracking device to keep them safe. But many of these same parents do not even know the security policy at the school where their child attends class everyday. Parents should become more involved with this and ensure that the school has an adequate plan in case there is trouble and are prepared for even the worst case scenarios that we see on television.

Look into the technology your child’s school uses to keep the kids safe if there is any. While older buildings may not have the systems that many of the newer include see if they use cameras to monitor halls and doors. Check to see the policy the school uses on open doors during the school day. While most schools have always had all doors unlocked all day recent shootings with schools where many children and teachers have died has changed this so not just anyone can gain access.

Also check into whether the school has a security officer on duty during the day. While most schools now have someone patrolling the campus all day long others may not or even may share a officer with several other schools in the area. While a part time officer is better than none having someone on campus at all times to look out for those who do not belong there is invaluable to the safety of the children. In many schools the security officer knows the children as well as their teachers and knows exactly which ones are at the most risk for trouble to best take care of not only them but the other students within the building.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Making Sure Your Child Plays On A Safe Swing Set

Parents want to give their children the best and ensure that they are safe at all times so many use safety devices such as a personal tracking device to help them get this done. But many of these same parents do not take the necessary precautions when setting up a swing set at their home to protect their children from accidents.

Swing sets should be placed on level ground and have a soft surface underneath in case of falls. While it is not totally necessary to use wood chips or playground rubber it is ideal. Under no circumstances should a swing set be placed on concrete since broken bones will occur for sure if a fall happens. Swing sets should also be placed level and securely fastened to the ground. Either burying the poles to a proper depth or using metal anchors either will ensure that the swing set will not flip over even when children swing as high as they can. Of course the best safety feature of all is a parent watching out for their child while they play. Adult supervision is essential especially when there are several children playing on the swing set at once.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Buying A Child Locator Device For Back To School

As many kids are heading back to school parents are stopping to consider the safety of their child while they are walking to school or waiting at the bus stop. It seems that many stories we hear of child abductions occur when a child is in between school and home. Despite laws being in place to forbid convicted sex offenders from being anywhere near a school studies show that they still are. Whether living or working in the area or just passing through it is hard for the police to know they are there until it is too late.

For this reason parents should consider getting their child a personal tracking device as part of their back to school supplies. Units such as the one from Amber Alert allow parents to get a real time exact location of their child via their cell phone. These devices fit perfectly into pockets or backpacks and use GPS technology to track a child to give the precise coordinates at any given moment.

While one of these devices will not prevent a child abduction they can certainly aid parents and police to an almost instant recovery. For families still waiting for a child to come home from school after years of not knowing what happened these child locator devices would have been worth every penny if they had been available.

Do not let a simple walk to school turn into a tragedy that can be controlled. An Amber Alert GPS locator can stack the odds in your favor of recovering a child should the worst happen. All for less than what most people pay for a day in coffee the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your child is makes it all worthwhile.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Helping Kids Stay Out Of House Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaners are all over most American homes and when children are extremely small parents put them on high shelves where they cannot be touched. But once a child becomes a little older these high shelves just do not offer enough protection when it comes to these dangerous chemicals.

While slightly older children may know better than to drink these colorful liquids they may still end up getting into them and harming themselves with them. Many will produce a nasty chemical reaction when combined and this can result in burns to the skin or noxious vapors that can cause severe damage inside when breathed in.
Parents should take steps to ensure that no child even older ones that should know better cannot access the household cleaners or chemicals in the garage. By locking them away in a storage closet or exterior shed parents can make sure that no child can get into the cleaners to hurt themselves.

Protecting children when they are toddlers is not easy since there is so much to teach them. But just because they get a little older does not mean they know it all yet. There is still much to teach not only away from the home with strangers but inside the home as well. While outside the home you can use a personal tracking device to keep them safe inside the home you can use just a little common sense.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Car Air Bag Safety For Kids

For parents the safety of their children is their number one priority so many utilize every tool they can to keep them out of danger. And parents today have lots of tools such as a personal tracking device or even nanny cams to do so. But for some situations nothing is needed but a little common sense. Parents know that children should be in a car seat as long as their state has set by law. But once they no longer need to be in that special seat they may still be too small for the front seat with the air bag.

Air bags are designed to protect those in the car but for children these protective devices are actually far more dangerous than they are helpful. Since an air bag is made to come out quickly they have a terrific force, which can cause serious injury to smaller bodies. For this reason it is recommended that all children ride in the back seat unless the air bag in the car can be disengaged when they are in the seat.

But no matter how old the child is whether a youngster in the back seat or a tween in the front seat it is essential to make sure they are wearing their seat belt at all times. Even with a air bag the occupants need to be buckled in as an accident can happen at any time and these things are made to prevent them from injury in those instances. Parents need to just use a little common sense to ensure that their children are in the safest place possible when they are riding in the car with the family. Car seats, seat belts and other safety features need to be used in the right ways at the right ages.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Keeping Track Of The Speed Of Teen Drivers

Parents who allow their teens to drive the family car like to think that their children are perfectly safe drivers and for the most part they are. But statistics show that teen drivers are more than likely to be in an accident within their first year of having a license. Of course lack of experience is a large part of this but when combined with unsafe speed it can become lethal. Parents can use the Amber Alert GPS child locator to monitor the speed of their young driver and know when they exceed a level set by parents. This can greatly help parents when it comes to deciding just how much trust to place in their young driver when they want to take out the family car.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Protecting Teens From The Dangers Of Prescription Drugs

Many teens are tempted today to take prescription drugs for recreational purposes. So many of them have parents or other relatives that are taking drugs that produce side effects that are desired by those seeking a high of some type. Of course protecting our teens from drugs even prescription ones is not as easy as protecting them from getting lost with a personal tracking device. Protecting them from drugs takes removing the chances for them getting any as well as removing their desire to do so.

While removing the ability for your child to get prescription drugs in your own home is easy, doing so in other homes is not. All parents should be careful with their prescriptions but unfortunately not all are. This means that it is extremely important for parents to let their kids know that taking drugs for anything other than a medical reason is something that they just do not stand for.

Teaching kids that there are better ways to spend their free time and that these other ways lead to a brighter future is important and should start at an early age. Waiting until they are teens and already experimenting with drugs is too late.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gun Safety For Homes With Kids

Many homes in America choose to keep guns around for various reasons. While some are avid hunters with rifles and shotguns, others just choose to keep a handgun around for the purpose of protection against intruders. Whatever the reason may be if there are children in the home whether that live that or are just visiting it is important to keep these fire arms stored where little hands cannot get a hold of them.

Many gun owners do not worry as much about little children getting a gun and firing it. They feel that a small child lacks the strength to pull back the trigger in order to shoot. But on some guns it is possible to simply drop them and the gun will go off. Plus these same individuals are usually shocked when they find out just how much pressure a small child can actually put on a trigger with their tiny fingers.

Guns should never be left loaded so that the chance of one accidentally going off is not possible. Also placing trigger locks on guns will prevent them from being fired whether by a finer or by an accidental drop on the floor. Of course the best way to store the guns you own and keep children safe are by placing them inside of a locked gun cabinet. A sturdy gun cabinet that is secured with a lock can do more to protect children from accidents with guns in the home. Of course the cabinet is useless if the key is left where children can find it since children that are slightly older will be capable of unlocking the cabinet and removing the guns out of curiosity. Taking the proper safety steps with fire arms is a gun owner’s responsibility and a excellent way to keep kids safe just like a child locator device.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Staircase Safety In The Home

Every year many accidents occur in our very own homes, and many of these accidents occur around staircases involving young children. Of course these accidents do not have to occur and in many cases can be prevented. Many children who are not competent walkers yet fall down stairs do to bad balance causing injury. While other older children fall down stairs do to slick surfaces most often because it is a wooden staircase and they are in their socks. By using gates to prevent falls at the tops of staircases and utilizing carpet or enforcing house slippers kids can have less of a danger in their own homes through staircases. Those at Amber Alert GPS child locator want all kids to grow up happy and healthy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Childproofing A Home For Safety

When parents first bring home their newborn infant they are ready to take the necessary steps to adequately childproof their home. But after the first couple of years many parents start to get lax in their diligence in keeping the safety up around their home. For this reason almost one million kids a year end up getting medical treatment for accidents that occur in their very own home.

The most common accidents involve burns, falls, and poisoning all of which is easily preventable with some care and organization. Stairways should continue to have gates across them well into the toddler years, while windows should be screened to prevent kids from falling out. Kids should always be supervised in the kitchen whether they are just watching someone cook or helping out with the chores. And no matter how old your child gets make sure cleaning agents and other poisonous chemicals are placed where kids cannot get to them.

Accidents in the home can be avoided in order to help keep children safe. Just as a parent can use a child locator device to keep their child safe when they are not at home.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ensuring Kids Use Sunscreen In The Summer Sun

Now that summer is upon us kids all over are enjoying time away from school and more time to play outside with their friends. As their children are running around the neighborhood playing with friends it gives parents more reason to be concerned about all sorts of things. While news stories place child abduction at the forefront of their minds and many use a child locator device. There are other dangers that parents need to protect their children from as well.

The summer sun can cause lots of damage if a child is not adequately protected from its rays. Parents should ensure that their children are using plenty of sunscreen and that it is being applied often so they are getting its full protection from UV rays to avoid the skin problems that can result from overexposure.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Keeping Kids Safe On The Fourth Of July

The fourth of July is quickly coming up and the fireworks tents have been set up and selling fireworks for some time to those who want to celebrate the holiday. These fireworks are a fun tradition but many families find out the hard way just how dangerous they are, especially when they have children around during the festivities.

Each state and community has their own laws regarding fireworks do to the dangers they pose to those who may be around during their use. It is common for most cities to have a complete ban on them but in the rural areas there is usually less restriction on their use.

Fireworks can be dangerous for anyone to handle but especially so with children. Kids can receive powder burns and other bodily harm from fireworks if they are still holding it when it goes off or just too close. Those at Amber Alert GPS child locator would like to remind families to have a safe and happy fourth. If possible let someone else put on the show in the sky and participate in a local fireworks show put on by those who do this for a living and keep your child safe this year.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Importance Of Having A Fence Around A Pool

Many families across the country have swimming pools installed at their homes for their families to enjoy. Not all of these pools have a protective fence around them in order to keep kids from wandering into the pool area and falling in. Every year lots of kids drown accidentally because there was not a fence around a family pool to keep them out when they were not being supervised. Many insurance companies require their policyholders to place a fence around pools for liability issues, even if they do not have children of their own. All responsible pool owners should install a way to keep people out of the pool area. Even a child locator device cannot find a child quick enough to save their lives should they fall into a pool when no one is looking.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Grocery Cart Safety For Kids

Many moms and dads find themselves at the grocery store at least once a week getting the food their family needs to eat. Besides a child wandering off and making it necessary to use a child locator device to find them there are other dangers inside the store parents should be aware of. The grocery cart itself, though being a very handy item for placing your items and getting them from the shelf to eventually your car, can be dangerous for your child.

The odds are actually shocking to many parents in most years there are over 20,000 accidents involving a child and a shopping cart. Of these most of them involve children under the age of five, mostly because these children are not as coordinated and are top heavy making a fall out of the cart fairly easy. But also many kids are injured as they try and stand on the carts sides setting them off balance and causing them to fall over on the child. Many others are also injured when carts are on parking lots and get away from the parents and roll away with the child still inside. As parents we need to be extra cautious with our children when they are in and around shopping carts in order to keep them safe while we are shopping.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recalls and Our Kids Safety

It seems that there are more and more product recalls today than ever before and many of these involve the things that are children use each and every day. For many parents this is cause for concern since it is hard to know just what is safe for your child and what is not. Over the last couple of years there has been major recalls in the food we feed our kids and the toys they play with. Add in the usual recalls that always seem to be around cribs, safety seats, and other items due to poor construction or workmanship and shopping becomes extremely hard.

Many parents are opting to feed their children more locally grown food in order to help avoid recalls from the large plants that produce our goods. With the spinach, tomato, and peanut butter recalls that made many sick and even killed a few individuals shopping locally gives a better control on the quality of food.

The lead paint issue that caused massive toy recalls not long ago also changed the way parents purchased toys for their kids. Now smaller US based companies that make educational toys for kids are in higher demand than the plastic cheap toys that fill the mass-market toy chains. These toys may cost a little more but many parents are finding they are well worth the cost.

Safety seats, cribs and other bedding are other items that frequently are recalled by manufacturers. Many times they do not meet safety standards or workmanship is not up to par and accidents can occur. Parents should select these items carefully to ensure that they are totally safe for their children. Those at Amber Alert GPS child locator want parents to remember that more often than not when a recall occurs at least one tragedy has already occurred. Parents should ultimately take responsibility for checking the items they allow their children to use and not wait for a recall to occur.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Helping Keep Kids Safe In Their Own Neighborhoods

Like it or not there is no 100% safe place for our children to play without any danger from individuals who may do them harm. As parents we wish there were such places where they could play freely without having to worry about talking to strangers and everything else, but there is not. So it is important that we ensure our children know how to take care of themselves when they head outside to play with their friends. Kids should never play alone and when possible parents should utilize a personal tracking device so that they know where their children are at any given moment. This can go along way to keeping them safe while they are enjoying growing up.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kids Should Never Be Left Alone In Cars

We have all seen it at least once while we are out shopping. We glance in a car while we are heading into or out of the store and we see one or more children alone in a car with no parent or adult in site. Too many times we say to ourselves that they will be right out and go on our way and for the most part this turns out to be the case. But there are those times when the parent does not get right out and the actions that we could take could save a child from the exposure to the heat building up in the car.

Of course not all children who succumb to the heat in cars were left there by their parents. Too many times a car is left unlocked and a child crawls inside on their own only to end up being stuck inside possibly the trunk. Whenever a child is missing one of the first place an adult should look is inside any nearby cars. This can possibly save a life and if a child locator device is used parents can find them much quicker in order to avoid this terrible tragedy that has happened to so many other families.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tracking Kids With GPS

For decades science as well as conspiracy theorists have speculated that we would one day place chips in our children so that we could track them. Of course now when many parents hear about devices such as the Amber Alert child locator device in many cases they think of these stories. But these GPS locator devices are not chips that get placed into your child. They are simply small little units that can fit into the pocket of your little one in order to help find them quickly should they wander off or be the victim of abduction. They are not units designed to track the every move of a child from the conspiracy standpoint.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Using A Massage Chair When Not In Use For Better Posture

Massage chair owners know they should limit the use of their therapeutic chair to 15 minute sessions in order to avoid bruising or even possibly muscle damage. But that does not mean you cannot sit in your chair when it is not in use. Actually many chairs are designed in such a way they provide more support for the back than most any other chair in your home. This is ideal for those who are concerned with their posture or need a supportive chair in order to avoid the pain that comes along with having a bad back.

Many Towns Are Setting Up Kids Safety Zones

Many towns across the country are passing Child Safety Zone Laws for the areas in within the city limits in which children are known to frequent. Of course there is much debate regarding these laws and just how effective they can be to keep our children safe from sexual predators.

These safe zones generally consist of places where children are often found such as parks, playgrounds, pools, and more. Many give a sexual offender found within them a warning for the first violation and a fine for any subsequent violations of the law. Of course many law enforcement officers do admit that these laws will be tough to enforce but the communities feel that having an ordinance on the books is better than just sitting on their hands on the issue.

Of course those that defend the individuals who find themselves on the sexual predator lists that feel these people have in many cases paid their debt to society feel this only compounds to the unfair treatment this group receives. While many offenders have not harmed a child in any way they are still being scrutinized with an ever more vigilant eye. Such laws only end up creating more areas where these people cannot go.

But for parents, child safety zone laws partnered with a child locator device and vigilance is the key they feel to keeping their children safe in the modern world.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Protecting Our Older Children From Abduction and Danger

Parents want to keep their children safe and one big concern for many is child abductions and the terrible stories we hear on the news. There are electronic devices such as the Amber Alert GPS child locator that parents can use to track their kids. But many times when our kids get to be teens we slack off and do not put as much thought into this as when they are younger. This is a mistake though as teens can be lured into situations just as serious as those involving younger children. Parents should stay involved with their teens and know who they are associated with in order to protect them as well.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teaching Kids A Little Street Smarts

For the most part most abductions of children are acted out by family or friends of the family but that still is no reason to not teach your kids a little street smarts so to speak. Of course the goal is not to scare the children so they feel that they are in danger the minute they leave the home. But knowing how to handle certain situations can build up their confidence if something does occur so they best can handle it on their own. This will also make you as a parent know they can take care of themselves in any situation so there will be less to worry about while they are out.

Parents should always know where their children are going and should teach them to check in at home to let them know. Of course the same can be done with a child locator device but getting them into the habit of checking in is still important. Practice scenarios such as a stranger approaching your child or even their getting lost and seeking help. By acting out these scenes in the safety of your own home kids can know exactly what to do if they have to implement them in the streets one day.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Using A Massage Chair When Not In Use For Better Posture

Massage chair owners know they should limit the use of their therapeutic chair to 15 minute sessions in order to avoid bruising or even possibly muscle damage. But that does not mean you cannot sit in your chair when it is not in use. Actually many chairs are designed in such a way they provide more support for the back than most any other chair in your home. This is ideal for those who are concerned with their posture or need a supportive chair in order to avoid the pain that comes along with having a bad back.

Monday, May 25, 2009

May 25 is National Missing Children's Day

Ronald Regan declared May 25, 1983 to be National Missing Children’s Day and since then every administration in the White House has honored that date for the same purpose. It was during this time in the eighties that several child abductions began garnering national media coverage. Despite the fact that abductions were not new a few cases began to get more exposure bringing to light a problem that had always before been only seen locally. The attention from Regan as well as efforts by John Walsh and others have greatly increased awareness and brought abducted and missing children to the light for all to see and help manage. Now with devices such as the Amber Alert GPS child locator parents can take an even more active approach to protecting their children.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Time Safety For Kids Out of School

As schools across the country begin to let our children off for their annual summer break it can get easy to forget the safety practices that we implement during the school year to keep them safe. Riding bikes and playing with friends in the neighborhood, sporting events, and family vacations can quickly overshadow concerns and push safety to the backs of our minds.

Of course it is now more important than ever to be vigilant with our children since they are not following the rigid schedule that school creates in their lives. Using a child locator device can make it much easier for parents to keep track of their children while they are running around playing with their friends. A device like the Amber Alert GPS child locator can make it easier to know their exact location at any given time. Plus parents can use the helpful features to ensure they stay within their safe zone and even check to make sure they are not too hot in a car. These devices are also exceptionally handy when the family takes their vacation as many times children can accidentally get separated from them while on a trip. These devices can find a child that has wandered off quickly and efficiently.

Of course simple safety steps like having the child check in and check out, staying with at least with one friend at all times, and being wary of strangers with gifts can go a long way toward keeping a child safe. Summer time away from school is supposed to be a fun time and that means hours of enjoyable activities. From baseball to playing at the park and riding bikes kids should be allowed to play and explore the world but safety should not be totally forgotten in the process.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Keeping Kids Safe While Social Networking Online

Social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook are making it even easier for predators to get close to our children and teens with little chance of detection. Unless parents are vigilant with the online activities and friends of their kids a predator can easily sneak in and gain their trust. MySpace is taking a pro-active step for parents to learn more about social networking and how best to allow their children to safely use these types of sites. The MySpace Child Safety Network is totally free for parents and kids and is loaded with all kinds of information to keep kids safer while they use these tools to connect with their friends. Just as parents can use a child locator device to watch over their kids they can now use these helpful tools to monitor them online.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ensuring Children Are Safe In The Car

It is no secret that one of the most dangerous places for anyone is in the car. Despite many laws to make our cars and roads safer still many Americans of every age die every year in unexpected accidents. For the most part parents today know that that everyone needs to be properly secured into the car to help keep them safe in the event of a crash. But too often the car seats used for our youngsters are not the proper seat for the child or is not installed correctly into the car. This makes them much less effect at protecting the child during the accident.

It is important that parents use the correct child safety seat for their age and body weight. From infants that need rear facing seats to early school age children who need proper booster seats for their size it is important to get the correct seat for your child. Of course this seat will need to be installed properly to ensure that it works correctly. Children should always be placed in the back seat away from the air bags and when very small preferably in the middle of the seat. For more information on installing your car seat contact the local highway patrol or the seat manufacturer. And for more information on protecting your child see the Amber Alert GPS child locator blog.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Receiving Amber Alerts On Your Cell Phone

Just as you can use your cell phone to track your own child when combined with a GPS child locator it is now possible to use your cell phone to help other children who may be taken from their homes. The major cell phone carriers have partnered up with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to allow cell phone users to opt in to receive Amber Alerts on their mobile phones. This means that you can help potentially recover a child that has been abducted to help return them to their home.

These Amber Alerts are delivered to the cell phone via a text message so you will need to have this capability in order to receive them. But then parents who are already using personal tracking device with their children will already have this feature on their phone. To opt in simply contact your wireless provider or sign up at the Wireless Amber Alert website.

By opting in you will receive a text message whenever an Amber Alert is issued in your area. Cell phone users do not have to worry about being bombarded with text messages since only those that apply to you and your area will be sent. For many this will not be that often as only children who qualify under specific rules can have an alert issued regarding their abduction.

Since 2002 the Amber Alert system has been credited with returning well over 430 children to their families after an abduction by either a stranger or someone within their own family who does not have custody. For many parents this has been the only live line to returning their child and now you can do your part to help out. The more people who receive the alerts in a timely manner the better the odds are that someone will spot the child and notify the authorities in order to help bring them home quickly.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Protecting Your Child From Falling Furniture

Parents go to great lengths to protect their children when they head out of the home to keep them safe from just about everything they can think of. From cell phones to child locator devices these parents can easily protect their child even if they cannot be there. Yet many times they forget about the dangers right in their own homes. The news recently has focused on toddlers and television sets placed on tall seemingly stable furniture. In a flash a young child can pull drawers out of a bureau or try and climb a entertainment center and end up pulling the piece and the television on top down on themselves. To prevent these children from getting hurt parents should anchor these pieces to the wall in order to ensure they cannot topple over.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Find Your Child Quickly!

In the past of a toddler wandered away from home families depended on the authorities to locate them or a responsible citizen to find them wandering around and return them safely to home. Of course there did not seem to be as many dangers out their for children to contend with so this system worked adequately in most cases. But parents of today need a more fail-safe solution to find their children quickly if they happen to wander off.

By using a GPS locator device parents now do not have to wait for the authorities to respond to a call or someone to just run into them and bring them home safely. With one of these personal tracking devices parents can find their kids instantly by using their web enabled cell phone. By accessing the device the child has attached to them it can report their exact location back to the cell phone complete with a map to get there quickly.

The accuracy of these units are absolutely amazing making it capable to track them within a few feet so that finding a child quickly is simple. This means that there will less time for parents to worry since they can take instant action to find their own child.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Understanding The Different Child Locator Devices

There are several types of child locator devices on the market but parents need to truly understand the one they are purchasing in order to utilize it correctly and know what they can expect from the device. Many of the units available use radio frequencies to locate the tag, which your child is carrying on them. This gives a limited range on how far the unit can accurately locate and track your child. The Amber Alert GPS child locator uses GPS technology, which gives it almost unlimited range for finding a missing child. The only limitations on this system is the cell phone coverage your mobile carrier provides and whether the GPS unit has access to the GPS signals from satellites in the sky. Both systems have their good and bad sides and parents need to decide which is the best for them.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Healing For A Family After An Abduction

As parents we work hard to protect our children from abduction and even use the latest technology such as GPS child locators to increase the chances of finding them safely should such a thing occur. When we see children on the news who are recovered safely from an abduction we tend to feel happy that the child was able to make it home safely. The news quickly moves on to the next story and we feel that the incident is over for the child and their family.

This is not the case though since for these children as well as their families this is an incident that will need lots of time and lots of healing. Being torn from there family and everyday lives whether if a stranger did it or another family member can destroy a child’s sense of peace and security. This will need built back up again so they can once again try and live a normal life again.

In many areas there is an excellent support system for this healing for the child and their family. While other places are in dire need of an established system to help these families overcome this terrible incident and move on.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Parents Should Use Sex Offender Lists To Protect Their Children

In 2006 the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act was signed into law in order to make it easier for authorities to keep track of those who had been convicted of sex crimes after they were released from prison. This act created the national sex offender registry which many feel is a excellent attempt at keeping track of those who may harm our children while others feel that it is only a database and not very effective at protecting those who need it most. But parents forget that ultimately it is up to them to protect their child from these potential harmful predators. Just as some parents use a GPS child locator to track their kids they should also use their local sex offender list so that they know where the potential danger spots are in your area for their child to be alone.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire Child Actress Reported For Sale

The movie Slumdog Millionaire became a sensation not only in the United States but also around the world propelling the stars and makers of the film instant fame. The small children who appeared in the movie were treated to the chance of a lifetime to come to the US, see Hollywood and visit Disney Land. It was not a hidden fact that these children were actually from the slums of their home country and people fell in love with them and their charming smiles.

Sadly news broke over the weekend that the young 9 year old girl was for sale and her very own father was the one holding the purse strings. With a reported $400,000 offered to the poverty stricken family this seemed like a fortune to them and the potential for a better life for the young girl. The story sent her father to jail where he claims that she was never for sale, but for many this story has stirred up serious controversy.

As parents we hear stories of a child being sold in another country and we tend to be thankful that in the United States this does not happen. But this is where so many parents are wrong, children are actually sold right here in our own country. Children are abducted by complete strangers and sold to other strangers for many different reasons. For some they cannot have a child so they purchase one illegally while others are actually sold into a thriving sex trade. These sex trades sound like something that would go on in anther country but children of all ages are taken and used in these horrific ways in which no parent wants to see their child end up. Luckily parents in the US are not so poverty stricken they consider selling their children and we can even protect them by using a GPS child tracking device to locate them quickly if an abduction does occur.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Listening To Our Children

In the past many people had the attitude that children should be seen and not heard. This was a horrible way to look at the future of our society and it is wonderful thing that we have come to learn the value of the things our children have to say to us. Many times when another child disappears or is abducted another child witnessed enough they can provide descriptions, places of location and more. These kids can play just as big of a role of recovering another child as a child locator device can. Everyone needs to take the time to listen when the children around us talk so we can only hear what they have to say.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Abductor Does Not Fit Traditional Profiles In California Case

We often do posts on this site about the statistics of child abductions, kidnappings, and killings in an attempt to help educate parents on exactly where the dangers lie for our children so we can do our best to keep them safe. Of course the recent arrest of Melissa Huckaby in California for the murder of Sandra Cantu is a perfect case and point that the numbers are not always right and there are those which do not fit into the profiles law enforcement create based on their data.

The anomalies for Huckaby with the numbers are enough to make every parent take a longer look at their neighbor even when they themselves have children which play with yours. Parents are told time and time again that women usually do not abduct children unless they are smaller and even rarer women do not sexually molest those abducted children and on the rare occasions they do it is usually with boys. Of course we cannot turn on our neighbors to protect our children but we can teach our children all we can about safety and use a GPS child locator to keep track of their location. Though there are abductors, which defy the odds, the odds are still good that a parent will never have to live this nightmare.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rural Children Are Not Necessarily Safer

Parents who live in a small town tend to think their children are safer than their counterparts who live in larger more urban areas, but in reality being rural does not make a child safer from harm. The recent slaying of Sandra Cantu in Tracy, California that is a small onetime farming community that is considered the gateway to the central valley of the state. For the area this is not the first time that the media have come in to report on a case since in December four suspects were arrested for kidnapping and torturing a sixteen year old boy.

Safety of your child should be a concern to every parent whether they live in a small tight knit community or a large city of millions. The chance that your child can go off to play at a friend’s house and never come home like Sandra is something no parent should have to endure. Technology such as GPS child locator devices can make it easier for parents to know where their children are and find them quickly in an emergency. Plus children can use the panic button which is attached to the device if the case of an emergency to let their parents know that something is wrong.

Whether your child is a teen such as the boy from Tracy who was kidnapped or younger these devices can take some of the fear out of allowing your child to head out on their own. These stories do not just happen in big cities and they do not always happen to the other family but not yours. Though the odds are really not in your favor that a horrific thing like this will happen to your child the truth is it can. Do not let the image of your child skipping happily away be the last one you have as the Cantu family now does.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Condolences To The Cantu Family

As much as those of us at Amber Alert GPS child locators love to hear about foiled abduction attempts or recovered missing children it also greatly saddens us when we hear of a child who will not be coming home. In Tracy, California this week the body of 8 year old Sandra Cantu was found in a suitcase after a irrigation pond was drained. This is no way for a child to end up and it reminds us that so much still needs to be done so that our children can play in front of their homes and walk to school everyday with no fear of losing their childhood to someone who does not value the things so many hold dear. Our condolences go out to the entire Cantu family and our thanks go out to those who searched to bring this girl home.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Choosing Between A Cell Phone or GPS Tracking Device For Your Child

It seems every kid wants their own cell phone and parents are finding that they want them at an even younger age than ever before. Of course when parents usually give in and get the child a cell phone it is usually done so with the primary use of the phone to be tracking them and knowing their whereabouts. Cell phones can be useful for speaking with your child and finding their location but they are not a foolproof method for tracking them and they can get very expensive depending on the child that is carrying the phone.

The problem with cell phones is a child may not be able to dial their parents and make the call in certain circumstances. Whether they are injured or in the hands of an abductor making a call out or even answering an incoming call may just not be possible. This makes them ineffective in helping you locate your child in these scary situations. With a GPS child locator though you can find your child at any time without them doing anything at all on their end. This means that if they are hurt you can still find them quickly and get them the help they need. The SOS button on the Amber Alert GPS is also excellent to that a child who is abducted or in trouble who cannot make a call can still hit a button that lets you know that things are not ok and they need you.

The Amber Alert unit is very budget friendly for most families while adding a child a cell phone on most plans may sound cheap until you get the first bill. Kids tend to start calling all their friends and texting others resulting in a surprise bill for parents that in many cases makes them regret adding the child to the plan. When parents take affordability as well as effectiveness into account the debate between a cell phone and a personal tracking device becomes pretty clear.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Importance of Fingerprinting Your Child

Whether you choose to outfit your child with a GPS child locator or not having them fingerprinted in case of emergency is one thing that many authorities will highly recommend. Some parents simply do not worry about getting this done since they feel that their child will never be one of the hundreds of thousands that go missing each year. But your child’s fingerprints is one thing about them that cannot be changed by an abductor making it the one sure way to identify them if a need arises.

Of course some parents feel that this is a scam to get them to buy fingerprinting kits but this is not the case and many groups will actually help you do this for free. There is also some debate right now with schools fingerprinting children since some have discussed using this to handle lunch accounts and other personal information. But at this point schools are not using fingerprints in this way and when they have fairs in which kids get fingerprinted it is strictly with the future safety of the child in mind. It only takes a few moments and can do so much good if your child ever goes missing from home.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Using A Child Locator Device Instead of Chipping Our Children

For years science has talked about potentially embedding chips into the skin of our children in order to track them when they are lost, to manage social security numbers, and so much more. Of course there are many opposed to this who feel that all privacy would be lost. Yet most everyone can agree when a child goes missing that at that one time it would be a wonderful technology to have. Of course you can have this right now and without embedding it into your child’s skin. An Amber Alert child locator device can find a child when they are lost as long as they are carrying the unit in their pocket or backpack. Parents, and only parents with the help of the service can use their cell phone to get the current location. This will give the privacy that so many are concerned about yet the technology to find kids when they are lost.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Statistics on Lost Children

Abductions and kidnappings are not the only reason that you might potentially need the use of a child locator device. More than likely a child will wander off alone and potentially get separated from their parents. This can be a very frightening experience for both the parents and especially the child. Some parents feel that this will never happen to them but the odds are really high that at one time it will occur. According to the Center To Prevent Lost Children 70% of kids get lost at least once and of these 95% remember this as a traumatic experience. Of course there is lots of information available to parents in order to try and prevent their children from getting lost and what to do if by chance it does occur.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Importance of a Current Photo For Recovering A Missing Child

If you ask just about any policeman or investigator who works with missing children cases they will tell you the biggest tool in aiding a successful recovery is having a quality current photo of the child. Kids can change quickly and it is important that the photo authorities are using to aid in the search are as close as possible to their current appearance in order to be the most help.

Recent studies have also shown that though school photos are so helpful in the search for the child in some cases they actually do not help witnesses recognize the child. Studies are showing that in school photos children are clean and happy which may not be the case when they are missing from their parents. This difference of facial expression can impair the recognition of the child, which can lose valuable time in their recovery. Many authorities are not suggesting that parents provide recent photos from school as well as those from home in which maybe they are not as clean or smiling as happily. Having different types of photos can better help potential witnesses who may have seen the child. Of course to be extra sure and to really get a help in recovery utilizing new technology such as an child locator device can really help expedite their recovery but pictures will still be essential.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Establishing Bus Stop Safety For Kids

Not all child abductions make the national news, so we as Americans only tend to hear about the larger more striking abduction cases that the media feels we need to hear about. One such case occurred in the winter of 2007 in eastern Missouri when then 13 year Ben Ownby was abducted on his way home from getting off the school bus. Ownby was a Boy Scout and straight A student who knew the dangers of abduction but this did not seem to stop the events that unfolded.
If it was not for the tip from a fellow student who had been on the bus with Ownby police would not have had a thing to being their search based on. This could have greatly changed the outcome of the case. Of course now parents can get a Amber Alert GPS child locator to be able to lock into their position with a cell phone at any given time.

But prevention is the best way to handle potential abduction and it is essential to have safety rules about the bus stop to try and keep just this thing from occurring to your child. Kids who ride the bus should use the buddy system while going to and coming back from the bus stop. Abductors are less likely to approach kids going to the bus stop and at the bus stop when they are in groups since this will leave witnesses if they manage to get a child in their car. It is also helpful to establish safe houses near the bus stop and on the route to the stop. This will give children somewhere close by to go if someone different does try and approach them. Sticking together and having a safe place to go can make a big difference in being safe at the bus stop no matter how old the children are.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Teaching Children to Run Away From Danger

Of course the makers of the Amber Alert GPS child locator loves when they hear from parents who have used the device in an emergency to recover their lost child. But the thing, which they enjoy hearing even more than that, is a failed attempt of kidnapping by a child abductor. Recently a seven year old walking a dog in Colorado was approached by a man in a car who wanted her to get in, but instead she choose to run for safety. This little girl knew how to handle the situation and did so perfectly. Of course the only thing better than a child avoiding abduction would be if there was no danger of this at all. But until that day comes parents can use education and personal tracking devices to ensure that their child is safe.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Allowing Your Child The Freedom To Roam

I was reading a recent story where the author was brought up the point of just how little freedom the children of today have compared with their parents and grandparents. Of course this may sound ridiculous to some since most of the kids of today have busier schedules, more opportunities, and greater technology than those elders did in their times. Yet to some degree I feel that the author was completely right about our children and the freedom which they have as they are growing up.

True some of the changes that restrict the lives of modern children are necessary and helpful such as seat belts and helmets. But others such as the restriction in how far they can roam in their neighborhood alone though with good intentions may not really be necessary. Many parents and grandparents roamed fairly freely over a good-sized area they grew up in whether they were in a rural or urban setting. Yet as parents today we tend to confine our children to a smaller sphere out of fear of abduction, which we hear about on the news.

Surprising to many parents of today the numbers on child abduction have not really gone up since they were young despite the way it may appear on the news. Reports indicate that child abduction is not a rising trend but news coverage on those that do occur has made it appear to be the case. Of course the odds of this happening to your and your family are not extremely high the possibility is there. While we know that our children need to be able to live and make mistakes to learn and grow from their experiences we want to keep them safe while they do so. An excellent option is to use an Amber Alert GPS child locator to keep track of your child while you allow them to live a full and exciting life. This will give them the freedom to gain those experiences while you have the peace of mind that they are still safe.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Financial Cost of Tracking Your Children

In our busy hectic lives a parent has so much to worry about that fearing the loss of your child should be the last thing on your already overtaxed mind. For less than what most individuals spend in one week for coffee a parent can have the peace of mind of being able to locate their child on a map at any given time in the day. Whether they are a young toddler who attends a daycare of a teen who is driving on their own with a newly acquired license you can keep track of them all with a small very affordable GPS tracking device and your cell phone.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Protecting Children From Acquaintance Abductions

Just over 800,000 children go missing each and every year for a variety of reasons from stranger abductions, to running away from home, to abductions from members of their own families. A very large portion of those is abductions of children by family members and acquaintances of the family. Stranger abductions are actually not as prevalent as many think and more often than not it is done by those that know the child. For a parent this makes preventing abductions and keeping your child safe a whole lot tougher. Many kids know about Stranger Danger and know to not talk to those they do not know. They also know that they should not go with these strangers even if there are promises of candy, toys, or even a small puppy.

But how do we protect our children from those we know especially when we do not have an idea of which ones are capable of abducting a child until they have done so. In cases where casual friends of the family are involved it can be a little easier to protect them by ensuring they understand things like exactly who will be picking them up that day. But for closer individuals this can be a little tougher to prevent before it has the chance to occur especially if you are unaware that it could happen.

In these cases using a personal tracking device to know your child’s location is the peace of mind that you may need to not stop such abductions but to at least recover the child if one occurs. These child locator devices such as the Amber Alert use GPS technology to find the unit your child carries on them. At any given time you can access their location via your web enabled cell phone, which can greatly speed up the recovery of the child after abductions whether from a stranger or a friend of the family.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Importance of Recovering An Abducted Child Quickly

As much as we teach our children about strangers and being safe abductions are still something that occurs to children from time to time. Of course the odds are against your child being abducted and murdered but you cannot rule out that this is something you see on TV and it cannot happen to you. It can happen to anyone at anytime and time is of the essence when it does happen.

Using a Amber Alert GPS child tracking device can greatly assist you and the authorities if the unspeakable should happen to your child. Statistics show that children that are murdered by the abductor are done so after three hours. This means that the first three hours after the taking of the child are the absolute most important in the successful recovery of a child to their family. By using a GPS enabled personal tracking device you can access maps of the child’s location at that exact moment. This can greatly increase the odds of finding a child quickly to save their lives. True the odds of this occurring to your family are not great but knowing that if it does you are prepared for a quick recovery makes this GPS tracking device worth so much to your peace of mind.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

When Older Children Are Abducted

One of the toughest things for parents of children who are of a certain age is when they disappear many times the police and other authorities are quick to label them as a runaway. For parents who truly know their child, this can be especially tough to take. While they know their child would not run away from home they cannot get those who are in charge of investigations to believe this. For these older children who disappear under what their parents know are suspicious circumstances it can mean that their disappearance is not actively investigated. Authorities who feel that children have runaway from home will eventually turn up on their own and so they do not investigate nearly as much as they should.

If the parents are correct and more often than not they would know their child’s state of mind this gives an abductor plenty of time to disappear with the tween or teen. Everyone who deals with abducted children of any age will tell you the longer they are gone the less likely the chances are they will be returned home again. So when authorities do not start looking for a child right away since they feel they are a runaway then the odds of recovering them are slim.

As a parent we worry a lot about our children but we sometimes assume abductions are of younger children but this is not always the case. That is why at just about any age a Amber Alert GPS can be one of the best investments for your peace of mind available. These personal tracking devices are perfect for finding the location of your child at any given time with your web enabled cell phone. We longer have to worry as much about our children when we know we can find their exact location so easily.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Preparing Young Children To Handle Danger

One thing that many parents are curious about when it comes to keeping their children safe from abduction is at what age do you start talking to them about the dangers that are out there. For the average kid this is around five to six years old but if your child seems to understand concepts you teach them than even earlier is okay to begin helping them understand little things like not talking to strangers. Try to avoid teaching them fear but instead try and install empowerment in your child that they can handle any situation adequately. Kids that are well informed and who believe that their parents believe in them will handle potential situations much better than those who are not ready for them. Plus kids that know they can hit the SOS button on a GPS tracking device also feel more secure in handling scary situations.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Truth About the Amber Alert System

As a parent I assumed the Amber Alert system that was set up all across the country to help find children that were abducted was utilized for each and every missing child that disappeared under questionable circumstances. I was shocked and amazed that lots of kids go unreported on the government’s Amber Alert system because they do not meet the criteria required to have their profile spread across the system. Of those that are issued across the system 80-90% are recovered within 72 hours. But there were only 278 alerts issued in 2007 when hundreds of thousands of children go missing over the same time period.

So many parents feel that this system will be there if and when their child ever goes missing but in reality the chances of the alert being issued is slim. Plus this will also vary by state since it is up to local authorities to decide if the disappearance warrants an alert. Each state interprets the criteria differently and some states are slower than others to utilize the system. The logic behind the careful selection of cases that go across the system claims that if a alert is issued every time a child is missing the constant flow would reduce the effectiveness of the system. Some do feel that this is a good idea since too many cases will water down the effects it can have on cases that truly need the extra help. But as a parent your child is the most important alert that can be issued and you will be at the mercy of the authorities on whether it goes out across the system.

You can take matters into your own hands by using a personal tracking device to know your child’s location at any given time. These child locator devices allow you to locate your child using GPS technology in combination with your web enabled cell phone.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Being Careful to Not Reveal Too Much Personal Information Online

Many parents, especially moms use the internet to socialize with other parents, share pictures, and even in some cases to make some extra money on the web. Many of these moms do not even realize that some of these practices can seriously put their children at risk for abduction from a complete stranger they have never seen before.

Many parents post photos and information on blogs and social websites regarding the personal lives of their families in way that an abductor could use to kidnap their child. In many cases these things can give someone intent on taking your child the information they need to easily abduct them. By reading posts and viewing pictures they can often figure out what your child’s name is, where they attend school, and some of their favorite hobbies.

We as parents teach our children not to fall for the old ruse of taking candy from strangers but when they can approach your child and know lots of personal information it can be confusing for a child. If this stranger knows where they are, their name, your name, and give the excuse that you called and wanted the child picked up many kids will just assume they are for real. When you post on the web take steps to use code names and try and keep as much personal information out as possible that can reveal too much to a predator. Hopefully by helping them avoid predators we will not need to use child locator devices to find them.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Protecting Children While Asleep In their Beds

A personal tracking device such as the Amber Alert GPS for kids does a great job of allowing parents to see their location at any given time during the day. But the recent abduction of Haleigh Cummings and the past abduction of Elizabeth Smart has shown that not only can kids disappear when they are away from home but also when they are sleeping in their very own bed at home as well. In many cases these abductions from their own homes are from individuals who know the family even in the case of Elizabeth Smart the abductor had done time in the home as a handyman so he knew the locks and the layout before ever stepping foot in that night to take the young girl from her bed.

Parents can cut down on these abductions by installing dead bolt locks on doors and secure locks on windows and making sure they are used even on warm summer nights. Parents should also continue to use baby monitors to listen in to their children’s room and even consider having a home alarm installed. In many cases these dead bolts and alarms will also help a family save money on their homeowners insurance making them even more affordable to get one to protect your children while they sleep.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Importance Of Time In Child Abductions

For years the police and other authorities have called a recent photo the most useful tool in recovering your child in the event of child abduction. An accurate description is useful but nothing works as effectively as canvassing an area with a recent photo of the child to jog the memories who may have seen anything that will expedite the recovery of your child. Statistics show that the longer the child is missing the less likely it is they will come home. That is why the first few minutes of any child abduction case are critical to get the word out to the public that a child has gone missing and to keep their eyes open for the child that appears in the photo.

Of course technology has given law enforcement a even better tool to use in the aid of finding children quickly and that is the Amber Alert GPS child locator device. For a one-time equipment fee and than a low monthly subscription parents can know that whereabouts of their child at any given time with a simple use of their web enabled cell phone. Not only will they receive the location of their child with this personal tracking device they will receive the information in a easy to read map that even comes complete with directions to the location of their child as compared to the parents current location.

This real time ability to track your child coupled with a current photo can have you reunited with them in a very short amount of time. Whether they were truly abducted or there was a simple miscommunication a child locator is the best peace of mind that a parent today can have when it seems that the nightly news is filled with cases of kids going missing and not returning home to their loved ones.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Accuracy in Child Locator Devices

When GPS technology was new the accuracy on devices which used the system was a sometimes a little off. But things have advanced so far today that GPS based devices such as the Amber Alert are accurate now within 1 to 5 meters making it one of the most accurate ways possible to see the exact location of your child. In wide-open environments this accuracy is not as essential but in a cluttered cityscape this can mean the difference in which building or area you will find your child speeding up your search and making it the best child locator device available.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Battery Life On The Amber Alert GPS

Many parents who are considering the purchase of the Amber Alert GPS tracking system for their children inevitably ask how the units are powered. They also want to know how long the battery life is on the units that their children will be carrying with them. Some child locator devices use regular store bought batteries but not the Amber Alert. These GPS tracking devices come with a rechargeable battery to power the unit.

The battery life of these batteries is a very respectable 18 – 24 hours which is enough to more than cover the average day of your child from the moment they leave your home to the moment they are safely back. The variable in the battery life is whether or not you choose to use stand by mode or the “real time” feature, which is constantly storing a last point. This is essential if your child leaves an area that is covered by a GPS so that you have a last known whereabouts. This constant updating does use the battery faster but having a last known location can be extremely useful so parents will need to decide which is more important to them. Though for many the choice is simple the real time updates do no take up enough battery life to be hardly noticeable.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cell Phone Carriers And The Amber Alert GPS

Parents who are shopping for the Amber Alert GPS unit more of ten than not ask if the unit will work with any cell phone carrier. This child locator device does work with every cell phone service provider so you will not have to change over to a special carrier to use the service or the device. You will need to ensure that your phone is capable of receiving a text message and that it is web enabled but the carrier you choose will not adversely affect the service you receive otherwise from the GPS child locator.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Using Technology To Keep Kids Safe From Predators

Earlier this month little Haleigh Cummings disappeared from her very bed in Putnam County Florida and as of today she is still not back with her family. The police have not been specific but a sexual offender is currently in custody for not reporting in but he is not believed to be responsible for the disappearance of the young girl. A second pedophile is being questioned in connection with the case though. This gentleman is a cousin of the girlfriend, Misty Croslin, who was with Haleigh when she disappeared.

As parents all over the country watch this story unfold we are all realizing just how many sexual offenders are around us in our home towns and near our very own children. Despite laws in place trying to protect our children in the end it is up to us as parents to ultimately watch over our children and keep them safe.

One tool that parents of today have that those in the past did not was GPS technology and cell phones. These gadgets are in our lives daily but to really make them help you keep your children safe from the sexual predators and other dangers that are around them everyday we need to get the right tools for the job. An Amber Alert child locator device is the ultimate way to know the location of your child at any given time. Other child tracking devices need to be used in close range or only track their movements for you to review. The Amber Alert is one of the very few that can help you know exactly where your child is at any given time. These tracking devices are extremely effective and can aid parents and even the authorities in the event that a child disappears whether it is from home, school, or somewhere in between.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Using A Backpack For Your Child's GPS Locator

Our Amber Alert child location devices will not work if the child does not have it on them either in a pocket or in a backpack. Most kids carry a backpack with them to school, to a friend’s house, and even on family camping trips. If your child needs a backpack to carry there things and their GPD child locator than our friends at Summit Camping Gear has a large selection of Coleman backpacks that you can choose from to outfit your child and use to hold all of their things no matter where they are off to for the day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Keeping Track of Children With Disabilities

Parents who have children with disabilities have even more to cope with than parents of able-bodied children. When children have a physical or mental disability they can sometimes have problems coping with some little things that do not affect other children at all. When a child wanders away from their mom or dad in the store this can be frightening enough but when that child cannot communicate as well this becomes an even scarier time. For these parents using a gps child locator can make a very scary situation for their child easier to cope with by using one of these devices to quickly find their lost child and get them back in their arms where they belong.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Child Abuctions From the Home

As parents we all fear something happening to our child, which leaves us helpless in giving them the love, and care they need. It seems there is a steady stream of news on child abductions and disappearances and we always send our hearts out to the parents who are looking for their child and hoping for a safe return.

On February 10th Haleigh Cummings was apparently abducted from her home in Putnam County Florida. For many in the US this is too close to the Caylee Anthony case to be comfortable and I am sure only adds to the agony Haleigh’s parents and family must be feeling right now. But recently Elizabeth Smart was featured on the Oprah Winfrey show as an update for a case remarkably similar to that of Haleigh.

Just as Elizabeth beat the odds and ended up coming home after being abducted from her home this has to give hope that Haleigh too can beat the odds and will be reunited with her family.
As parents we all feel for these families but we also wonder what we can do to make sure this does not happen to our children while they sleep or are away from the home. An Amber Alert GPS can go a long way toward protecting your child provided it is used regularly. By attaching this child locator device onto your child when they head out of the home you can use satellite technology in combination with a web enabled cell phone to know the whereabouts of your child at all times. But for this to be effective it has to be attached to your child in some way whether in their backpack or in a pocket. So parents who want to use these GPS location devices it is important they train their child to make sure it is on them at all times so it will work if you ever need it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Keeping the Family Together While On Vacation

When a family heads off on a family vacation they usually are in a jovial mood and do not stop and think that something could happen to bring that trip to a screeching halt. Unfortunately the more laid back attitude combined with the unfamiliar terrain results in lost children frequently. This is the worst possible scenario for a family vacation and yet it happens whether it is from the child wandering off or from an opportunistic abductor.

A family heading out on a vacation would be wise to add an Amber Alert GPS to the clothing their children are wearing while on vacation in case they get separated from them in a place that is unfamiliar to them all. This little child locator device will allow you to track your child and find their exact location using your web enabled cell phone. Though currently the service is only available in the United States and you must have signal to your cell phone as well as to GPS satellites for it to work. Luckily enough of the country is wired that for the most part you will be covered with your cell phone carrier being the most unknown variable.

For most families the separation with their child is over in a matter of seconds and though extremely scary the lesson is learned to be more diligent to stay together while away from home. While once in awhile a case such as Madeleine McCann comes along and rocks not only the family but also the world, as the child is not found despite huge efforts to find them. With a personal tracking device both the parents and the police can have actual locations of the child sent from the device in order to help find them right away and place the child safely back in the loving arms of the family that misses them so much.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Insurance Against Child Abductions

If you read the statistics on child abductions the reality that how easily it could happen to anyone is a frightening reality for many parents. More often than not the abduction occurs close to home and almost half the time the child knows the abductor personally. What this tells us is that a child is not totally safe anywhere and we must teach them to be safe and give them the tools to best accomplish this.

Our children need to learn that not only strangers pose a potential threat to them but also acquaintances as well. We need them to learn those little traps such as telling them their parents needed the person to pick them up for us so they do not fall for these ploys and get in the car and drive away with someone that has ill intentions.

Of course you cannot protect your child from every potential abduction trick but you can add some additional insurance to get them back in case of emergency. An Amber Alert GPS is a device that you can place on your child and track them at all times. If a child abductor is successful in taking your child this child locator device can give you precise coordinates of them at all times which will aid the authorities in recovering your child within those crucial early hours. In many cases it is 2 hours before someone realizes that the child is missing and it is in those first hours that finding the child quickly can make the difference in a happy ending or not.

These GPS tracking devices also include a SOS feature, which allows your child to send an instant alert that something is wrong up to five people that you choose and program in. This will allow them to get the word out that something is wrong before it may be otherwise discovered that they are missing. The peace of mind provided by these Amber Alert GPS units is worth more than any other gadget you can buy for your family.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Keeping Our Children Safe Around Animals

We worry about our children when they head off to school and worry about all the stories we hear of child abduction. We prepare our children and tell them not to talk to strangers in an attempt to keep them safe. But there is a danger on the way to school that we fail to remember and prepare our children for. Every year there are many kids who are attacked by dogs on their way to school. The panic button that is provided on the Amber Alert GPS child locator device can give children a way to alert their parents that something is wrong in the event that a dog should get out of its yard and attempt to hurt your child as they walk to school.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tracking Your Teen Driver When They Are On Their Own

Allowing your teen to head out on the road on their own can be a frightening thing for most parents. The day comes for every teen when they proudly receive their driver’s license and want to head out with their friends to get hamburgers and study at the library, all on their own. We do not like to see them go but we know that we must let them learn to be independent adults.

Of course many parents do not like to think their child will speed or go to other places which they do not have permission to go, but it is a given that when you get several teens together in a car the rules will be temporarily forgotten. With an Amber Alert GPS you can keep track of your child and know that they are obeying all the rules not only of the road but personal family ones as well.

This personal tracking device uses satellites to track the whereabouts as well as the speed of your teen driver so that you can receive alerts when they are not behaving as they should or just randomly check in on them on your own. The speed alert can be set to any amount you desire and you will receive an alert on your cell phone when this number is exceeded. This device can also monitor your teen’s location and alert you if they leave a pre-set area on a map. This is an excellent way to ensure they are only heading to school, the library, or other nearby places to your home and not somewhere clear across town without permission.

Of course the alerts are great for keeping you aware of obvious violations on the rules, but you can also request the Amber Alert let you know their exact location at any time. Whether you just want to check up on them or they are late reporting in this child locator can give you piece of mind that your teen is safe when they are out with friends.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Know Where Your Child Goes Throughout the Day

Just about every parent worries constantly when their child is not with them and the news seems to be only filled with more stories about child predators and abductions to fuel that worry. When your child cannot be with you parents have to worry if they are safe and where they are supposed to be.

With an Amber Alert GPS you can know where your child is at all times by simply placing the device in your child’s pocket and accessing it with your web enabled cell phone. You can check in with your child whenever you want or even receive bread crumb alerts throughout the day with their location. These alerts can be set up at intervals of your choice with the exact location of your child.

The peace of mind of knowing where your child is at every single moment is invaluable to every parent. Whether you are a single parent trying to balance out everything on your own or just need a little help keeping track of your busy child these child locators are a lifesaver. Many families feel that cell phones could be used for older children, but they do not always answer them and they do not help you find their exact location making the Amber Alert GPS a much more effective method of knowing their location.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dads with Daughters and The Bathroom Problem

Mothers never think about the issue of what to do when either their son or daughter needs to use the rest room when they are out shopping or in public. Of course little girls just go with their mothers into the ladies room and little boys have always just gone in with them as well. In a ladies rest room there is little to see and a pretty harmless place.

For dads with little girls this can be a big problem though since a men’s room is no place for a little girl. Some dads try and cover her eyes and hurry her through the process but this is not foolproof and can be real tough when you have several kids he is trying to take care of.
With a child locator device dads can now let their daughters use the ladies room on their own and know that she can hit the SOS button on the device if there is a problem in which he needs to take care of. Dads can also use the monitor feature to listen to what is going on around her to ensure that she is safe while she is in a public restroom on her own.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gear to Protect Our Children

We send our children out to play and we always make sure that they have the best protective gear possible for the activity. From helmets when they are riding their bike to shin guards on the soccer field we make sure they are protected from harm. But how can we protect them from the bigger dangers they potential face from getting lost to being abducted? A child GPS locator can be just the piece of safety gear your child is missing, and the most important one of all. When children go missing the first couple of hours are the most crucial and with these child locators you can find them quickly.