Saturday, February 28, 2009

Protecting Children While Asleep In their Beds

A personal tracking device such as the Amber Alert GPS for kids does a great job of allowing parents to see their location at any given time during the day. But the recent abduction of Haleigh Cummings and the past abduction of Elizabeth Smart has shown that not only can kids disappear when they are away from home but also when they are sleeping in their very own bed at home as well. In many cases these abductions from their own homes are from individuals who know the family even in the case of Elizabeth Smart the abductor had done time in the home as a handyman so he knew the locks and the layout before ever stepping foot in that night to take the young girl from her bed.

Parents can cut down on these abductions by installing dead bolt locks on doors and secure locks on windows and making sure they are used even on warm summer nights. Parents should also continue to use baby monitors to listen in to their children’s room and even consider having a home alarm installed. In many cases these dead bolts and alarms will also help a family save money on their homeowners insurance making them even more affordable to get one to protect your children while they sleep.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Importance Of Time In Child Abductions

For years the police and other authorities have called a recent photo the most useful tool in recovering your child in the event of child abduction. An accurate description is useful but nothing works as effectively as canvassing an area with a recent photo of the child to jog the memories who may have seen anything that will expedite the recovery of your child. Statistics show that the longer the child is missing the less likely it is they will come home. That is why the first few minutes of any child abduction case are critical to get the word out to the public that a child has gone missing and to keep their eyes open for the child that appears in the photo.

Of course technology has given law enforcement a even better tool to use in the aid of finding children quickly and that is the Amber Alert GPS child locator device. For a one-time equipment fee and than a low monthly subscription parents can know that whereabouts of their child at any given time with a simple use of their web enabled cell phone. Not only will they receive the location of their child with this personal tracking device they will receive the information in a easy to read map that even comes complete with directions to the location of their child as compared to the parents current location.

This real time ability to track your child coupled with a current photo can have you reunited with them in a very short amount of time. Whether they were truly abducted or there was a simple miscommunication a child locator is the best peace of mind that a parent today can have when it seems that the nightly news is filled with cases of kids going missing and not returning home to their loved ones.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Accuracy in Child Locator Devices

When GPS technology was new the accuracy on devices which used the system was a sometimes a little off. But things have advanced so far today that GPS based devices such as the Amber Alert are accurate now within 1 to 5 meters making it one of the most accurate ways possible to see the exact location of your child. In wide-open environments this accuracy is not as essential but in a cluttered cityscape this can mean the difference in which building or area you will find your child speeding up your search and making it the best child locator device available.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Battery Life On The Amber Alert GPS

Many parents who are considering the purchase of the Amber Alert GPS tracking system for their children inevitably ask how the units are powered. They also want to know how long the battery life is on the units that their children will be carrying with them. Some child locator devices use regular store bought batteries but not the Amber Alert. These GPS tracking devices come with a rechargeable battery to power the unit.

The battery life of these batteries is a very respectable 18 – 24 hours which is enough to more than cover the average day of your child from the moment they leave your home to the moment they are safely back. The variable in the battery life is whether or not you choose to use stand by mode or the “real time” feature, which is constantly storing a last point. This is essential if your child leaves an area that is covered by a GPS so that you have a last known whereabouts. This constant updating does use the battery faster but having a last known location can be extremely useful so parents will need to decide which is more important to them. Though for many the choice is simple the real time updates do no take up enough battery life to be hardly noticeable.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cell Phone Carriers And The Amber Alert GPS

Parents who are shopping for the Amber Alert GPS unit more of ten than not ask if the unit will work with any cell phone carrier. This child locator device does work with every cell phone service provider so you will not have to change over to a special carrier to use the service or the device. You will need to ensure that your phone is capable of receiving a text message and that it is web enabled but the carrier you choose will not adversely affect the service you receive otherwise from the GPS child locator.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Using Technology To Keep Kids Safe From Predators

Earlier this month little Haleigh Cummings disappeared from her very bed in Putnam County Florida and as of today she is still not back with her family. The police have not been specific but a sexual offender is currently in custody for not reporting in but he is not believed to be responsible for the disappearance of the young girl. A second pedophile is being questioned in connection with the case though. This gentleman is a cousin of the girlfriend, Misty Croslin, who was with Haleigh when she disappeared.

As parents all over the country watch this story unfold we are all realizing just how many sexual offenders are around us in our home towns and near our very own children. Despite laws in place trying to protect our children in the end it is up to us as parents to ultimately watch over our children and keep them safe.

One tool that parents of today have that those in the past did not was GPS technology and cell phones. These gadgets are in our lives daily but to really make them help you keep your children safe from the sexual predators and other dangers that are around them everyday we need to get the right tools for the job. An Amber Alert child locator device is the ultimate way to know the location of your child at any given time. Other child tracking devices need to be used in close range or only track their movements for you to review. The Amber Alert is one of the very few that can help you know exactly where your child is at any given time. These tracking devices are extremely effective and can aid parents and even the authorities in the event that a child disappears whether it is from home, school, or somewhere in between.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Using A Backpack For Your Child's GPS Locator

Our Amber Alert child location devices will not work if the child does not have it on them either in a pocket or in a backpack. Most kids carry a backpack with them to school, to a friend’s house, and even on family camping trips. If your child needs a backpack to carry there things and their GPD child locator than our friends at Summit Camping Gear has a large selection of Coleman backpacks that you can choose from to outfit your child and use to hold all of their things no matter where they are off to for the day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Keeping Track of Children With Disabilities

Parents who have children with disabilities have even more to cope with than parents of able-bodied children. When children have a physical or mental disability they can sometimes have problems coping with some little things that do not affect other children at all. When a child wanders away from their mom or dad in the store this can be frightening enough but when that child cannot communicate as well this becomes an even scarier time. For these parents using a gps child locator can make a very scary situation for their child easier to cope with by using one of these devices to quickly find their lost child and get them back in their arms where they belong.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Child Abuctions From the Home

As parents we all fear something happening to our child, which leaves us helpless in giving them the love, and care they need. It seems there is a steady stream of news on child abductions and disappearances and we always send our hearts out to the parents who are looking for their child and hoping for a safe return.

On February 10th Haleigh Cummings was apparently abducted from her home in Putnam County Florida. For many in the US this is too close to the Caylee Anthony case to be comfortable and I am sure only adds to the agony Haleigh’s parents and family must be feeling right now. But recently Elizabeth Smart was featured on the Oprah Winfrey show as an update for a case remarkably similar to that of Haleigh.

Just as Elizabeth beat the odds and ended up coming home after being abducted from her home this has to give hope that Haleigh too can beat the odds and will be reunited with her family.
As parents we all feel for these families but we also wonder what we can do to make sure this does not happen to our children while they sleep or are away from the home. An Amber Alert GPS can go a long way toward protecting your child provided it is used regularly. By attaching this child locator device onto your child when they head out of the home you can use satellite technology in combination with a web enabled cell phone to know the whereabouts of your child at all times. But for this to be effective it has to be attached to your child in some way whether in their backpack or in a pocket. So parents who want to use these GPS location devices it is important they train their child to make sure it is on them at all times so it will work if you ever need it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Keeping the Family Together While On Vacation

When a family heads off on a family vacation they usually are in a jovial mood and do not stop and think that something could happen to bring that trip to a screeching halt. Unfortunately the more laid back attitude combined with the unfamiliar terrain results in lost children frequently. This is the worst possible scenario for a family vacation and yet it happens whether it is from the child wandering off or from an opportunistic abductor.

A family heading out on a vacation would be wise to add an Amber Alert GPS to the clothing their children are wearing while on vacation in case they get separated from them in a place that is unfamiliar to them all. This little child locator device will allow you to track your child and find their exact location using your web enabled cell phone. Though currently the service is only available in the United States and you must have signal to your cell phone as well as to GPS satellites for it to work. Luckily enough of the country is wired that for the most part you will be covered with your cell phone carrier being the most unknown variable.

For most families the separation with their child is over in a matter of seconds and though extremely scary the lesson is learned to be more diligent to stay together while away from home. While once in awhile a case such as Madeleine McCann comes along and rocks not only the family but also the world, as the child is not found despite huge efforts to find them. With a personal tracking device both the parents and the police can have actual locations of the child sent from the device in order to help find them right away and place the child safely back in the loving arms of the family that misses them so much.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Insurance Against Child Abductions

If you read the statistics on child abductions the reality that how easily it could happen to anyone is a frightening reality for many parents. More often than not the abduction occurs close to home and almost half the time the child knows the abductor personally. What this tells us is that a child is not totally safe anywhere and we must teach them to be safe and give them the tools to best accomplish this.

Our children need to learn that not only strangers pose a potential threat to them but also acquaintances as well. We need them to learn those little traps such as telling them their parents needed the person to pick them up for us so they do not fall for these ploys and get in the car and drive away with someone that has ill intentions.

Of course you cannot protect your child from every potential abduction trick but you can add some additional insurance to get them back in case of emergency. An Amber Alert GPS is a device that you can place on your child and track them at all times. If a child abductor is successful in taking your child this child locator device can give you precise coordinates of them at all times which will aid the authorities in recovering your child within those crucial early hours. In many cases it is 2 hours before someone realizes that the child is missing and it is in those first hours that finding the child quickly can make the difference in a happy ending or not.

These GPS tracking devices also include a SOS feature, which allows your child to send an instant alert that something is wrong up to five people that you choose and program in. This will allow them to get the word out that something is wrong before it may be otherwise discovered that they are missing. The peace of mind provided by these Amber Alert GPS units is worth more than any other gadget you can buy for your family.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Keeping Our Children Safe Around Animals

We worry about our children when they head off to school and worry about all the stories we hear of child abduction. We prepare our children and tell them not to talk to strangers in an attempt to keep them safe. But there is a danger on the way to school that we fail to remember and prepare our children for. Every year there are many kids who are attacked by dogs on their way to school. The panic button that is provided on the Amber Alert GPS child locator device can give children a way to alert their parents that something is wrong in the event that a dog should get out of its yard and attempt to hurt your child as they walk to school.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tracking Your Teen Driver When They Are On Their Own

Allowing your teen to head out on the road on their own can be a frightening thing for most parents. The day comes for every teen when they proudly receive their driver’s license and want to head out with their friends to get hamburgers and study at the library, all on their own. We do not like to see them go but we know that we must let them learn to be independent adults.

Of course many parents do not like to think their child will speed or go to other places which they do not have permission to go, but it is a given that when you get several teens together in a car the rules will be temporarily forgotten. With an Amber Alert GPS you can keep track of your child and know that they are obeying all the rules not only of the road but personal family ones as well.

This personal tracking device uses satellites to track the whereabouts as well as the speed of your teen driver so that you can receive alerts when they are not behaving as they should or just randomly check in on them on your own. The speed alert can be set to any amount you desire and you will receive an alert on your cell phone when this number is exceeded. This device can also monitor your teen’s location and alert you if they leave a pre-set area on a map. This is an excellent way to ensure they are only heading to school, the library, or other nearby places to your home and not somewhere clear across town without permission.

Of course the alerts are great for keeping you aware of obvious violations on the rules, but you can also request the Amber Alert let you know their exact location at any time. Whether you just want to check up on them or they are late reporting in this child locator can give you piece of mind that your teen is safe when they are out with friends.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Know Where Your Child Goes Throughout the Day

Just about every parent worries constantly when their child is not with them and the news seems to be only filled with more stories about child predators and abductions to fuel that worry. When your child cannot be with you parents have to worry if they are safe and where they are supposed to be.

With an Amber Alert GPS you can know where your child is at all times by simply placing the device in your child’s pocket and accessing it with your web enabled cell phone. You can check in with your child whenever you want or even receive bread crumb alerts throughout the day with their location. These alerts can be set up at intervals of your choice with the exact location of your child.

The peace of mind of knowing where your child is at every single moment is invaluable to every parent. Whether you are a single parent trying to balance out everything on your own or just need a little help keeping track of your busy child these child locators are a lifesaver. Many families feel that cell phones could be used for older children, but they do not always answer them and they do not help you find their exact location making the Amber Alert GPS a much more effective method of knowing their location.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dads with Daughters and The Bathroom Problem

Mothers never think about the issue of what to do when either their son or daughter needs to use the rest room when they are out shopping or in public. Of course little girls just go with their mothers into the ladies room and little boys have always just gone in with them as well. In a ladies rest room there is little to see and a pretty harmless place.

For dads with little girls this can be a big problem though since a men’s room is no place for a little girl. Some dads try and cover her eyes and hurry her through the process but this is not foolproof and can be real tough when you have several kids he is trying to take care of.
With a child locator device dads can now let their daughters use the ladies room on their own and know that she can hit the SOS button on the device if there is a problem in which he needs to take care of. Dads can also use the monitor feature to listen to what is going on around her to ensure that she is safe while she is in a public restroom on her own.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gear to Protect Our Children

We send our children out to play and we always make sure that they have the best protective gear possible for the activity. From helmets when they are riding their bike to shin guards on the soccer field we make sure they are protected from harm. But how can we protect them from the bigger dangers they potential face from getting lost to being abducted? A child GPS locator can be just the piece of safety gear your child is missing, and the most important one of all. When children go missing the first couple of hours are the most crucial and with these child locators you can find them quickly.