Sunday, February 15, 2009

Child Abuctions From the Home

As parents we all fear something happening to our child, which leaves us helpless in giving them the love, and care they need. It seems there is a steady stream of news on child abductions and disappearances and we always send our hearts out to the parents who are looking for their child and hoping for a safe return.

On February 10th Haleigh Cummings was apparently abducted from her home in Putnam County Florida. For many in the US this is too close to the Caylee Anthony case to be comfortable and I am sure only adds to the agony Haleigh’s parents and family must be feeling right now. But recently Elizabeth Smart was featured on the Oprah Winfrey show as an update for a case remarkably similar to that of Haleigh.

Just as Elizabeth beat the odds and ended up coming home after being abducted from her home this has to give hope that Haleigh too can beat the odds and will be reunited with her family.
As parents we all feel for these families but we also wonder what we can do to make sure this does not happen to our children while they sleep or are away from the home. An Amber Alert GPS can go a long way toward protecting your child provided it is used regularly. By attaching this child locator device onto your child when they head out of the home you can use satellite technology in combination with a web enabled cell phone to know the whereabouts of your child at all times. But for this to be effective it has to be attached to your child in some way whether in their backpack or in a pocket. So parents who want to use these GPS location devices it is important they train their child to make sure it is on them at all times so it will work if you ever need it.

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  1. The thing about the GPS locator is that it would probably have to be surgically implanted into your kid. Putting it in a pocket or attaching it to a backpack wouldn't work. A kidnapper could simply remove the device and throw it away. And considering that most kidnappers who kill their victims do so within the first three hours after the kidnapping, how effective would the GPS device be as a deterent? Also I think that no matter how much you train your kid teenagers would probably balk at the idea of carrying the device around with them at all times. They'd probably see the GPS as an invasion of their privacy. Especially if they want to do something they know they're not allowed to do. I understand the need to protect kids, but I don't know if this Big Brother method is the most effective way. Isn't there a way we could protect our kids against predators without making it look as though we don't trust them? Even with this technology no one can monitor their kids 24/7.