Monday, February 2, 2009

Dads with Daughters and The Bathroom Problem

Mothers never think about the issue of what to do when either their son or daughter needs to use the rest room when they are out shopping or in public. Of course little girls just go with their mothers into the ladies room and little boys have always just gone in with them as well. In a ladies rest room there is little to see and a pretty harmless place.

For dads with little girls this can be a big problem though since a men’s room is no place for a little girl. Some dads try and cover her eyes and hurry her through the process but this is not foolproof and can be real tough when you have several kids he is trying to take care of.
With a child locator device dads can now let their daughters use the ladies room on their own and know that she can hit the SOS button on the device if there is a problem in which he needs to take care of. Dads can also use the monitor feature to listen to what is going on around her to ensure that she is safe while she is in a public restroom on her own.

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