Friday, February 27, 2009

The Importance Of Time In Child Abductions

For years the police and other authorities have called a recent photo the most useful tool in recovering your child in the event of child abduction. An accurate description is useful but nothing works as effectively as canvassing an area with a recent photo of the child to jog the memories who may have seen anything that will expedite the recovery of your child. Statistics show that the longer the child is missing the less likely it is they will come home. That is why the first few minutes of any child abduction case are critical to get the word out to the public that a child has gone missing and to keep their eyes open for the child that appears in the photo.

Of course technology has given law enforcement a even better tool to use in the aid of finding children quickly and that is the Amber Alert GPS child locator device. For a one-time equipment fee and than a low monthly subscription parents can know that whereabouts of their child at any given time with a simple use of their web enabled cell phone. Not only will they receive the location of their child with this personal tracking device they will receive the information in a easy to read map that even comes complete with directions to the location of their child as compared to the parents current location.

This real time ability to track your child coupled with a current photo can have you reunited with them in a very short amount of time. Whether they were truly abducted or there was a simple miscommunication a child locator is the best peace of mind that a parent today can have when it seems that the nightly news is filled with cases of kids going missing and not returning home to their loved ones.

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