Thursday, February 12, 2009

Insurance Against Child Abductions

If you read the statistics on child abductions the reality that how easily it could happen to anyone is a frightening reality for many parents. More often than not the abduction occurs close to home and almost half the time the child knows the abductor personally. What this tells us is that a child is not totally safe anywhere and we must teach them to be safe and give them the tools to best accomplish this.

Our children need to learn that not only strangers pose a potential threat to them but also acquaintances as well. We need them to learn those little traps such as telling them their parents needed the person to pick them up for us so they do not fall for these ploys and get in the car and drive away with someone that has ill intentions.

Of course you cannot protect your child from every potential abduction trick but you can add some additional insurance to get them back in case of emergency. An Amber Alert GPS is a device that you can place on your child and track them at all times. If a child abductor is successful in taking your child this child locator device can give you precise coordinates of them at all times which will aid the authorities in recovering your child within those crucial early hours. In many cases it is 2 hours before someone realizes that the child is missing and it is in those first hours that finding the child quickly can make the difference in a happy ending or not.

These GPS tracking devices also include a SOS feature, which allows your child to send an instant alert that something is wrong up to five people that you choose and program in. This will allow them to get the word out that something is wrong before it may be otherwise discovered that they are missing. The peace of mind provided by these Amber Alert GPS units is worth more than any other gadget you can buy for your family.

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