Saturday, February 28, 2009

Protecting Children While Asleep In their Beds

A personal tracking device such as the Amber Alert GPS for kids does a great job of allowing parents to see their location at any given time during the day. But the recent abduction of Haleigh Cummings and the past abduction of Elizabeth Smart has shown that not only can kids disappear when they are away from home but also when they are sleeping in their very own bed at home as well. In many cases these abductions from their own homes are from individuals who know the family even in the case of Elizabeth Smart the abductor had done time in the home as a handyman so he knew the locks and the layout before ever stepping foot in that night to take the young girl from her bed.

Parents can cut down on these abductions by installing dead bolt locks on doors and secure locks on windows and making sure they are used even on warm summer nights. Parents should also continue to use baby monitors to listen in to their children’s room and even consider having a home alarm installed. In many cases these dead bolts and alarms will also help a family save money on their homeowners insurance making them even more affordable to get one to protect your children while they sleep.

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