Friday, February 6, 2009

Tracking Your Teen Driver When They Are On Their Own

Allowing your teen to head out on the road on their own can be a frightening thing for most parents. The day comes for every teen when they proudly receive their driver’s license and want to head out with their friends to get hamburgers and study at the library, all on their own. We do not like to see them go but we know that we must let them learn to be independent adults.

Of course many parents do not like to think their child will speed or go to other places which they do not have permission to go, but it is a given that when you get several teens together in a car the rules will be temporarily forgotten. With an Amber Alert GPS you can keep track of your child and know that they are obeying all the rules not only of the road but personal family ones as well.

This personal tracking device uses satellites to track the whereabouts as well as the speed of your teen driver so that you can receive alerts when they are not behaving as they should or just randomly check in on them on your own. The speed alert can be set to any amount you desire and you will receive an alert on your cell phone when this number is exceeded. This device can also monitor your teen’s location and alert you if they leave a pre-set area on a map. This is an excellent way to ensure they are only heading to school, the library, or other nearby places to your home and not somewhere clear across town without permission.

Of course the alerts are great for keeping you aware of obvious violations on the rules, but you can also request the Amber Alert let you know their exact location at any time. Whether you just want to check up on them or they are late reporting in this child locator can give you piece of mind that your teen is safe when they are out with friends.

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