Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Using A Child Locator Device Instead of Chipping Our Children

For years science has talked about potentially embedding chips into the skin of our children in order to track them when they are lost, to manage social security numbers, and so much more. Of course there are many opposed to this who feel that all privacy would be lost. Yet most everyone can agree when a child goes missing that at that one time it would be a wonderful technology to have. Of course you can have this right now and without embedding it into your child’s skin. An Amber Alert child locator device can find a child when they are lost as long as they are carrying the unit in their pocket or backpack. Parents, and only parents with the help of the service can use their cell phone to get the current location. This will give the privacy that so many are concerned about yet the technology to find kids when they are lost.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Statistics on Lost Children

Abductions and kidnappings are not the only reason that you might potentially need the use of a child locator device. More than likely a child will wander off alone and potentially get separated from their parents. This can be a very frightening experience for both the parents and especially the child. Some parents feel that this will never happen to them but the odds are really high that at one time it will occur. According to the Center To Prevent Lost Children 70% of kids get lost at least once and of these 95% remember this as a traumatic experience. Of course there is lots of information available to parents in order to try and prevent their children from getting lost and what to do if by chance it does occur.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Importance of a Current Photo For Recovering A Missing Child

If you ask just about any policeman or investigator who works with missing children cases they will tell you the biggest tool in aiding a successful recovery is having a quality current photo of the child. Kids can change quickly and it is important that the photo authorities are using to aid in the search are as close as possible to their current appearance in order to be the most help.

Recent studies have also shown that though school photos are so helpful in the search for the child in some cases they actually do not help witnesses recognize the child. Studies are showing that in school photos children are clean and happy which may not be the case when they are missing from their parents. This difference of facial expression can impair the recognition of the child, which can lose valuable time in their recovery. Many authorities are not suggesting that parents provide recent photos from school as well as those from home in which maybe they are not as clean or smiling as happily. Having different types of photos can better help potential witnesses who may have seen the child. Of course to be extra sure and to really get a help in recovery utilizing new technology such as an child locator device can really help expedite their recovery but pictures will still be essential.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Establishing Bus Stop Safety For Kids

Not all child abductions make the national news, so we as Americans only tend to hear about the larger more striking abduction cases that the media feels we need to hear about. One such case occurred in the winter of 2007 in eastern Missouri when then 13 year Ben Ownby was abducted on his way home from getting off the school bus. Ownby was a Boy Scout and straight A student who knew the dangers of abduction but this did not seem to stop the events that unfolded.
If it was not for the tip from a fellow student who had been on the bus with Ownby police would not have had a thing to being their search based on. This could have greatly changed the outcome of the case. Of course now parents can get a Amber Alert GPS child locator to be able to lock into their position with a cell phone at any given time.

But prevention is the best way to handle potential abduction and it is essential to have safety rules about the bus stop to try and keep just this thing from occurring to your child. Kids who ride the bus should use the buddy system while going to and coming back from the bus stop. Abductors are less likely to approach kids going to the bus stop and at the bus stop when they are in groups since this will leave witnesses if they manage to get a child in their car. It is also helpful to establish safe houses near the bus stop and on the route to the stop. This will give children somewhere close by to go if someone different does try and approach them. Sticking together and having a safe place to go can make a big difference in being safe at the bus stop no matter how old the children are.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Teaching Children to Run Away From Danger

Of course the makers of the Amber Alert GPS child locator loves when they hear from parents who have used the device in an emergency to recover their lost child. But the thing, which they enjoy hearing even more than that, is a failed attempt of kidnapping by a child abductor. Recently a seven year old walking a dog in Colorado was approached by a man in a car who wanted her to get in, but instead she choose to run for safety. This little girl knew how to handle the situation and did so perfectly. Of course the only thing better than a child avoiding abduction would be if there was no danger of this at all. But until that day comes parents can use education and personal tracking devices to ensure that their child is safe.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Allowing Your Child The Freedom To Roam

I was reading a recent story where the author was brought up the point of just how little freedom the children of today have compared with their parents and grandparents. Of course this may sound ridiculous to some since most of the kids of today have busier schedules, more opportunities, and greater technology than those elders did in their times. Yet to some degree I feel that the author was completely right about our children and the freedom which they have as they are growing up.

True some of the changes that restrict the lives of modern children are necessary and helpful such as seat belts and helmets. But others such as the restriction in how far they can roam in their neighborhood alone though with good intentions may not really be necessary. Many parents and grandparents roamed fairly freely over a good-sized area they grew up in whether they were in a rural or urban setting. Yet as parents today we tend to confine our children to a smaller sphere out of fear of abduction, which we hear about on the news.

Surprising to many parents of today the numbers on child abduction have not really gone up since they were young despite the way it may appear on the news. Reports indicate that child abduction is not a rising trend but news coverage on those that do occur has made it appear to be the case. Of course the odds of this happening to your and your family are not extremely high the possibility is there. While we know that our children need to be able to live and make mistakes to learn and grow from their experiences we want to keep them safe while they do so. An excellent option is to use an Amber Alert GPS child locator to keep track of your child while you allow them to live a full and exciting life. This will give them the freedom to gain those experiences while you have the peace of mind that they are still safe.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Financial Cost of Tracking Your Children

In our busy hectic lives a parent has so much to worry about that fearing the loss of your child should be the last thing on your already overtaxed mind. For less than what most individuals spend in one week for coffee a parent can have the peace of mind of being able to locate their child on a map at any given time in the day. Whether they are a young toddler who attends a daycare of a teen who is driving on their own with a newly acquired license you can keep track of them all with a small very affordable GPS tracking device and your cell phone.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Protecting Children From Acquaintance Abductions

Just over 800,000 children go missing each and every year for a variety of reasons from stranger abductions, to running away from home, to abductions from members of their own families. A very large portion of those is abductions of children by family members and acquaintances of the family. Stranger abductions are actually not as prevalent as many think and more often than not it is done by those that know the child. For a parent this makes preventing abductions and keeping your child safe a whole lot tougher. Many kids know about Stranger Danger and know to not talk to those they do not know. They also know that they should not go with these strangers even if there are promises of candy, toys, or even a small puppy.

But how do we protect our children from those we know especially when we do not have an idea of which ones are capable of abducting a child until they have done so. In cases where casual friends of the family are involved it can be a little easier to protect them by ensuring they understand things like exactly who will be picking them up that day. But for closer individuals this can be a little tougher to prevent before it has the chance to occur especially if you are unaware that it could happen.

In these cases using a personal tracking device to know your child’s location is the peace of mind that you may need to not stop such abductions but to at least recover the child if one occurs. These child locator devices such as the Amber Alert use GPS technology to find the unit your child carries on them. At any given time you can access their location via your web enabled cell phone, which can greatly speed up the recovery of the child after abductions whether from a stranger or a friend of the family.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Importance of Recovering An Abducted Child Quickly

As much as we teach our children about strangers and being safe abductions are still something that occurs to children from time to time. Of course the odds are against your child being abducted and murdered but you cannot rule out that this is something you see on TV and it cannot happen to you. It can happen to anyone at anytime and time is of the essence when it does happen.

Using a Amber Alert GPS child tracking device can greatly assist you and the authorities if the unspeakable should happen to your child. Statistics show that children that are murdered by the abductor are done so after three hours. This means that the first three hours after the taking of the child are the absolute most important in the successful recovery of a child to their family. By using a GPS enabled personal tracking device you can access maps of the child’s location at that exact moment. This can greatly increase the odds of finding a child quickly to save their lives. True the odds of this occurring to your family are not great but knowing that if it does you are prepared for a quick recovery makes this GPS tracking device worth so much to your peace of mind.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

When Older Children Are Abducted

One of the toughest things for parents of children who are of a certain age is when they disappear many times the police and other authorities are quick to label them as a runaway. For parents who truly know their child, this can be especially tough to take. While they know their child would not run away from home they cannot get those who are in charge of investigations to believe this. For these older children who disappear under what their parents know are suspicious circumstances it can mean that their disappearance is not actively investigated. Authorities who feel that children have runaway from home will eventually turn up on their own and so they do not investigate nearly as much as they should.

If the parents are correct and more often than not they would know their child’s state of mind this gives an abductor plenty of time to disappear with the tween or teen. Everyone who deals with abducted children of any age will tell you the longer they are gone the less likely the chances are they will be returned home again. So when authorities do not start looking for a child right away since they feel they are a runaway then the odds of recovering them are slim.

As a parent we worry a lot about our children but we sometimes assume abductions are of younger children but this is not always the case. That is why at just about any age a Amber Alert GPS can be one of the best investments for your peace of mind available. These personal tracking devices are perfect for finding the location of your child at any given time with your web enabled cell phone. We longer have to worry as much about our children when we know we can find their exact location so easily.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Preparing Young Children To Handle Danger

One thing that many parents are curious about when it comes to keeping their children safe from abduction is at what age do you start talking to them about the dangers that are out there. For the average kid this is around five to six years old but if your child seems to understand concepts you teach them than even earlier is okay to begin helping them understand little things like not talking to strangers. Try to avoid teaching them fear but instead try and install empowerment in your child that they can handle any situation adequately. Kids that are well informed and who believe that their parents believe in them will handle potential situations much better than those who are not ready for them. Plus kids that know they can hit the SOS button on a GPS tracking device also feel more secure in handling scary situations.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Truth About the Amber Alert System

As a parent I assumed the Amber Alert system that was set up all across the country to help find children that were abducted was utilized for each and every missing child that disappeared under questionable circumstances. I was shocked and amazed that lots of kids go unreported on the government’s Amber Alert system because they do not meet the criteria required to have their profile spread across the system. Of those that are issued across the system 80-90% are recovered within 72 hours. But there were only 278 alerts issued in 2007 when hundreds of thousands of children go missing over the same time period.

So many parents feel that this system will be there if and when their child ever goes missing but in reality the chances of the alert being issued is slim. Plus this will also vary by state since it is up to local authorities to decide if the disappearance warrants an alert. Each state interprets the criteria differently and some states are slower than others to utilize the system. The logic behind the careful selection of cases that go across the system claims that if a alert is issued every time a child is missing the constant flow would reduce the effectiveness of the system. Some do feel that this is a good idea since too many cases will water down the effects it can have on cases that truly need the extra help. But as a parent your child is the most important alert that can be issued and you will be at the mercy of the authorities on whether it goes out across the system.

You can take matters into your own hands by using a personal tracking device to know your child’s location at any given time. These child locator devices allow you to locate your child using GPS technology in combination with your web enabled cell phone.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Being Careful to Not Reveal Too Much Personal Information Online

Many parents, especially moms use the internet to socialize with other parents, share pictures, and even in some cases to make some extra money on the web. Many of these moms do not even realize that some of these practices can seriously put their children at risk for abduction from a complete stranger they have never seen before.

Many parents post photos and information on blogs and social websites regarding the personal lives of their families in way that an abductor could use to kidnap their child. In many cases these things can give someone intent on taking your child the information they need to easily abduct them. By reading posts and viewing pictures they can often figure out what your child’s name is, where they attend school, and some of their favorite hobbies.

We as parents teach our children not to fall for the old ruse of taking candy from strangers but when they can approach your child and know lots of personal information it can be confusing for a child. If this stranger knows where they are, their name, your name, and give the excuse that you called and wanted the child picked up many kids will just assume they are for real. When you post on the web take steps to use code names and try and keep as much personal information out as possible that can reveal too much to a predator. Hopefully by helping them avoid predators we will not need to use child locator devices to find them.