Saturday, March 21, 2009

Allowing Your Child The Freedom To Roam

I was reading a recent story where the author was brought up the point of just how little freedom the children of today have compared with their parents and grandparents. Of course this may sound ridiculous to some since most of the kids of today have busier schedules, more opportunities, and greater technology than those elders did in their times. Yet to some degree I feel that the author was completely right about our children and the freedom which they have as they are growing up.

True some of the changes that restrict the lives of modern children are necessary and helpful such as seat belts and helmets. But others such as the restriction in how far they can roam in their neighborhood alone though with good intentions may not really be necessary. Many parents and grandparents roamed fairly freely over a good-sized area they grew up in whether they were in a rural or urban setting. Yet as parents today we tend to confine our children to a smaller sphere out of fear of abduction, which we hear about on the news.

Surprising to many parents of today the numbers on child abduction have not really gone up since they were young despite the way it may appear on the news. Reports indicate that child abduction is not a rising trend but news coverage on those that do occur has made it appear to be the case. Of course the odds of this happening to your and your family are not extremely high the possibility is there. While we know that our children need to be able to live and make mistakes to learn and grow from their experiences we want to keep them safe while they do so. An excellent option is to use an Amber Alert GPS child locator to keep track of your child while you allow them to live a full and exciting life. This will give them the freedom to gain those experiences while you have the peace of mind that they are still safe.

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