Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Being Careful to Not Reveal Too Much Personal Information Online

Many parents, especially moms use the internet to socialize with other parents, share pictures, and even in some cases to make some extra money on the web. Many of these moms do not even realize that some of these practices can seriously put their children at risk for abduction from a complete stranger they have never seen before.

Many parents post photos and information on blogs and social websites regarding the personal lives of their families in way that an abductor could use to kidnap their child. In many cases these things can give someone intent on taking your child the information they need to easily abduct them. By reading posts and viewing pictures they can often figure out what your child’s name is, where they attend school, and some of their favorite hobbies.

We as parents teach our children not to fall for the old ruse of taking candy from strangers but when they can approach your child and know lots of personal information it can be confusing for a child. If this stranger knows where they are, their name, your name, and give the excuse that you called and wanted the child picked up many kids will just assume they are for real. When you post on the web take steps to use code names and try and keep as much personal information out as possible that can reveal too much to a predator. Hopefully by helping them avoid predators we will not need to use child locator devices to find them.

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