Friday, March 27, 2009

Establishing Bus Stop Safety For Kids

Not all child abductions make the national news, so we as Americans only tend to hear about the larger more striking abduction cases that the media feels we need to hear about. One such case occurred in the winter of 2007 in eastern Missouri when then 13 year Ben Ownby was abducted on his way home from getting off the school bus. Ownby was a Boy Scout and straight A student who knew the dangers of abduction but this did not seem to stop the events that unfolded.
If it was not for the tip from a fellow student who had been on the bus with Ownby police would not have had a thing to being their search based on. This could have greatly changed the outcome of the case. Of course now parents can get a Amber Alert GPS child locator to be able to lock into their position with a cell phone at any given time.

But prevention is the best way to handle potential abduction and it is essential to have safety rules about the bus stop to try and keep just this thing from occurring to your child. Kids who ride the bus should use the buddy system while going to and coming back from the bus stop. Abductors are less likely to approach kids going to the bus stop and at the bus stop when they are in groups since this will leave witnesses if they manage to get a child in their car. It is also helpful to establish safe houses near the bus stop and on the route to the stop. This will give children somewhere close by to go if someone different does try and approach them. Sticking together and having a safe place to go can make a big difference in being safe at the bus stop no matter how old the children are.

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