Sunday, March 15, 2009

Protecting Children From Acquaintance Abductions

Just over 800,000 children go missing each and every year for a variety of reasons from stranger abductions, to running away from home, to abductions from members of their own families. A very large portion of those is abductions of children by family members and acquaintances of the family. Stranger abductions are actually not as prevalent as many think and more often than not it is done by those that know the child. For a parent this makes preventing abductions and keeping your child safe a whole lot tougher. Many kids know about Stranger Danger and know to not talk to those they do not know. They also know that they should not go with these strangers even if there are promises of candy, toys, or even a small puppy.

But how do we protect our children from those we know especially when we do not have an idea of which ones are capable of abducting a child until they have done so. In cases where casual friends of the family are involved it can be a little easier to protect them by ensuring they understand things like exactly who will be picking them up that day. But for closer individuals this can be a little tougher to prevent before it has the chance to occur especially if you are unaware that it could happen.

In these cases using a personal tracking device to know your child’s location is the peace of mind that you may need to not stop such abductions but to at least recover the child if one occurs. These child locator devices such as the Amber Alert use GPS technology to find the unit your child carries on them. At any given time you can access their location via your web enabled cell phone, which can greatly speed up the recovery of the child after abductions whether from a stranger or a friend of the family.

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