Thursday, March 12, 2009

When Older Children Are Abducted

One of the toughest things for parents of children who are of a certain age is when they disappear many times the police and other authorities are quick to label them as a runaway. For parents who truly know their child, this can be especially tough to take. While they know their child would not run away from home they cannot get those who are in charge of investigations to believe this. For these older children who disappear under what their parents know are suspicious circumstances it can mean that their disappearance is not actively investigated. Authorities who feel that children have runaway from home will eventually turn up on their own and so they do not investigate nearly as much as they should.

If the parents are correct and more often than not they would know their child’s state of mind this gives an abductor plenty of time to disappear with the tween or teen. Everyone who deals with abducted children of any age will tell you the longer they are gone the less likely the chances are they will be returned home again. So when authorities do not start looking for a child right away since they feel they are a runaway then the odds of recovering them are slim.

As a parent we worry a lot about our children but we sometimes assume abductions are of younger children but this is not always the case. That is why at just about any age a Amber Alert GPS can be one of the best investments for your peace of mind available. These personal tracking devices are perfect for finding the location of your child at any given time with your web enabled cell phone. We longer have to worry as much about our children when we know we can find their exact location so easily.

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