Thursday, April 30, 2009

Understanding The Different Child Locator Devices

There are several types of child locator devices on the market but parents need to truly understand the one they are purchasing in order to utilize it correctly and know what they can expect from the device. Many of the units available use radio frequencies to locate the tag, which your child is carrying on them. This gives a limited range on how far the unit can accurately locate and track your child. The Amber Alert GPS child locator uses GPS technology, which gives it almost unlimited range for finding a missing child. The only limitations on this system is the cell phone coverage your mobile carrier provides and whether the GPS unit has access to the GPS signals from satellites in the sky. Both systems have their good and bad sides and parents need to decide which is the best for them.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Healing For A Family After An Abduction

As parents we work hard to protect our children from abduction and even use the latest technology such as GPS child locators to increase the chances of finding them safely should such a thing occur. When we see children on the news who are recovered safely from an abduction we tend to feel happy that the child was able to make it home safely. The news quickly moves on to the next story and we feel that the incident is over for the child and their family.

This is not the case though since for these children as well as their families this is an incident that will need lots of time and lots of healing. Being torn from there family and everyday lives whether if a stranger did it or another family member can destroy a child’s sense of peace and security. This will need built back up again so they can once again try and live a normal life again.

In many areas there is an excellent support system for this healing for the child and their family. While other places are in dire need of an established system to help these families overcome this terrible incident and move on.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Parents Should Use Sex Offender Lists To Protect Their Children

In 2006 the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act was signed into law in order to make it easier for authorities to keep track of those who had been convicted of sex crimes after they were released from prison. This act created the national sex offender registry which many feel is a excellent attempt at keeping track of those who may harm our children while others feel that it is only a database and not very effective at protecting those who need it most. But parents forget that ultimately it is up to them to protect their child from these potential harmful predators. Just as some parents use a GPS child locator to track their kids they should also use their local sex offender list so that they know where the potential danger spots are in your area for their child to be alone.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire Child Actress Reported For Sale

The movie Slumdog Millionaire became a sensation not only in the United States but also around the world propelling the stars and makers of the film instant fame. The small children who appeared in the movie were treated to the chance of a lifetime to come to the US, see Hollywood and visit Disney Land. It was not a hidden fact that these children were actually from the slums of their home country and people fell in love with them and their charming smiles.

Sadly news broke over the weekend that the young 9 year old girl was for sale and her very own father was the one holding the purse strings. With a reported $400,000 offered to the poverty stricken family this seemed like a fortune to them and the potential for a better life for the young girl. The story sent her father to jail where he claims that she was never for sale, but for many this story has stirred up serious controversy.

As parents we hear stories of a child being sold in another country and we tend to be thankful that in the United States this does not happen. But this is where so many parents are wrong, children are actually sold right here in our own country. Children are abducted by complete strangers and sold to other strangers for many different reasons. For some they cannot have a child so they purchase one illegally while others are actually sold into a thriving sex trade. These sex trades sound like something that would go on in anther country but children of all ages are taken and used in these horrific ways in which no parent wants to see their child end up. Luckily parents in the US are not so poverty stricken they consider selling their children and we can even protect them by using a GPS child tracking device to locate them quickly if an abduction does occur.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Listening To Our Children

In the past many people had the attitude that children should be seen and not heard. This was a horrible way to look at the future of our society and it is wonderful thing that we have come to learn the value of the things our children have to say to us. Many times when another child disappears or is abducted another child witnessed enough they can provide descriptions, places of location and more. These kids can play just as big of a role of recovering another child as a child locator device can. Everyone needs to take the time to listen when the children around us talk so we can only hear what they have to say.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Abductor Does Not Fit Traditional Profiles In California Case

We often do posts on this site about the statistics of child abductions, kidnappings, and killings in an attempt to help educate parents on exactly where the dangers lie for our children so we can do our best to keep them safe. Of course the recent arrest of Melissa Huckaby in California for the murder of Sandra Cantu is a perfect case and point that the numbers are not always right and there are those which do not fit into the profiles law enforcement create based on their data.

The anomalies for Huckaby with the numbers are enough to make every parent take a longer look at their neighbor even when they themselves have children which play with yours. Parents are told time and time again that women usually do not abduct children unless they are smaller and even rarer women do not sexually molest those abducted children and on the rare occasions they do it is usually with boys. Of course we cannot turn on our neighbors to protect our children but we can teach our children all we can about safety and use a GPS child locator to keep track of their location. Though there are abductors, which defy the odds, the odds are still good that a parent will never have to live this nightmare.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rural Children Are Not Necessarily Safer

Parents who live in a small town tend to think their children are safer than their counterparts who live in larger more urban areas, but in reality being rural does not make a child safer from harm. The recent slaying of Sandra Cantu in Tracy, California that is a small onetime farming community that is considered the gateway to the central valley of the state. For the area this is not the first time that the media have come in to report on a case since in December four suspects were arrested for kidnapping and torturing a sixteen year old boy.

Safety of your child should be a concern to every parent whether they live in a small tight knit community or a large city of millions. The chance that your child can go off to play at a friend’s house and never come home like Sandra is something no parent should have to endure. Technology such as GPS child locator devices can make it easier for parents to know where their children are and find them quickly in an emergency. Plus children can use the panic button which is attached to the device if the case of an emergency to let their parents know that something is wrong.

Whether your child is a teen such as the boy from Tracy who was kidnapped or younger these devices can take some of the fear out of allowing your child to head out on their own. These stories do not just happen in big cities and they do not always happen to the other family but not yours. Though the odds are really not in your favor that a horrific thing like this will happen to your child the truth is it can. Do not let the image of your child skipping happily away be the last one you have as the Cantu family now does.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Condolences To The Cantu Family

As much as those of us at Amber Alert GPS child locators love to hear about foiled abduction attempts or recovered missing children it also greatly saddens us when we hear of a child who will not be coming home. In Tracy, California this week the body of 8 year old Sandra Cantu was found in a suitcase after a irrigation pond was drained. This is no way for a child to end up and it reminds us that so much still needs to be done so that our children can play in front of their homes and walk to school everyday with no fear of losing their childhood to someone who does not value the things so many hold dear. Our condolences go out to the entire Cantu family and our thanks go out to those who searched to bring this girl home.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Choosing Between A Cell Phone or GPS Tracking Device For Your Child

It seems every kid wants their own cell phone and parents are finding that they want them at an even younger age than ever before. Of course when parents usually give in and get the child a cell phone it is usually done so with the primary use of the phone to be tracking them and knowing their whereabouts. Cell phones can be useful for speaking with your child and finding their location but they are not a foolproof method for tracking them and they can get very expensive depending on the child that is carrying the phone.

The problem with cell phones is a child may not be able to dial their parents and make the call in certain circumstances. Whether they are injured or in the hands of an abductor making a call out or even answering an incoming call may just not be possible. This makes them ineffective in helping you locate your child in these scary situations. With a GPS child locator though you can find your child at any time without them doing anything at all on their end. This means that if they are hurt you can still find them quickly and get them the help they need. The SOS button on the Amber Alert GPS is also excellent to that a child who is abducted or in trouble who cannot make a call can still hit a button that lets you know that things are not ok and they need you.

The Amber Alert unit is very budget friendly for most families while adding a child a cell phone on most plans may sound cheap until you get the first bill. Kids tend to start calling all their friends and texting others resulting in a surprise bill for parents that in many cases makes them regret adding the child to the plan. When parents take affordability as well as effectiveness into account the debate between a cell phone and a personal tracking device becomes pretty clear.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Importance of Fingerprinting Your Child

Whether you choose to outfit your child with a GPS child locator or not having them fingerprinted in case of emergency is one thing that many authorities will highly recommend. Some parents simply do not worry about getting this done since they feel that their child will never be one of the hundreds of thousands that go missing each year. But your child’s fingerprints is one thing about them that cannot be changed by an abductor making it the one sure way to identify them if a need arises.

Of course some parents feel that this is a scam to get them to buy fingerprinting kits but this is not the case and many groups will actually help you do this for free. There is also some debate right now with schools fingerprinting children since some have discussed using this to handle lunch accounts and other personal information. But at this point schools are not using fingerprints in this way and when they have fairs in which kids get fingerprinted it is strictly with the future safety of the child in mind. It only takes a few moments and can do so much good if your child ever goes missing from home.