Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Abductor Does Not Fit Traditional Profiles In California Case

We often do posts on this site about the statistics of child abductions, kidnappings, and killings in an attempt to help educate parents on exactly where the dangers lie for our children so we can do our best to keep them safe. Of course the recent arrest of Melissa Huckaby in California for the murder of Sandra Cantu is a perfect case and point that the numbers are not always right and there are those which do not fit into the profiles law enforcement create based on their data.

The anomalies for Huckaby with the numbers are enough to make every parent take a longer look at their neighbor even when they themselves have children which play with yours. Parents are told time and time again that women usually do not abduct children unless they are smaller and even rarer women do not sexually molest those abducted children and on the rare occasions they do it is usually with boys. Of course we cannot turn on our neighbors to protect our children but we can teach our children all we can about safety and use a GPS child locator to keep track of their location. Though there are abductors, which defy the odds, the odds are still good that a parent will never have to live this nightmare.

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