Monday, April 6, 2009

Choosing Between A Cell Phone or GPS Tracking Device For Your Child

It seems every kid wants their own cell phone and parents are finding that they want them at an even younger age than ever before. Of course when parents usually give in and get the child a cell phone it is usually done so with the primary use of the phone to be tracking them and knowing their whereabouts. Cell phones can be useful for speaking with your child and finding their location but they are not a foolproof method for tracking them and they can get very expensive depending on the child that is carrying the phone.

The problem with cell phones is a child may not be able to dial their parents and make the call in certain circumstances. Whether they are injured or in the hands of an abductor making a call out or even answering an incoming call may just not be possible. This makes them ineffective in helping you locate your child in these scary situations. With a GPS child locator though you can find your child at any time without them doing anything at all on their end. This means that if they are hurt you can still find them quickly and get them the help they need. The SOS button on the Amber Alert GPS is also excellent to that a child who is abducted or in trouble who cannot make a call can still hit a button that lets you know that things are not ok and they need you.

The Amber Alert unit is very budget friendly for most families while adding a child a cell phone on most plans may sound cheap until you get the first bill. Kids tend to start calling all their friends and texting others resulting in a surprise bill for parents that in many cases makes them regret adding the child to the plan. When parents take affordability as well as effectiveness into account the debate between a cell phone and a personal tracking device becomes pretty clear.

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