Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Healing For A Family After An Abduction

As parents we work hard to protect our children from abduction and even use the latest technology such as GPS child locators to increase the chances of finding them safely should such a thing occur. When we see children on the news who are recovered safely from an abduction we tend to feel happy that the child was able to make it home safely. The news quickly moves on to the next story and we feel that the incident is over for the child and their family.

This is not the case though since for these children as well as their families this is an incident that will need lots of time and lots of healing. Being torn from there family and everyday lives whether if a stranger did it or another family member can destroy a child’s sense of peace and security. This will need built back up again so they can once again try and live a normal life again.

In many areas there is an excellent support system for this healing for the child and their family. While other places are in dire need of an established system to help these families overcome this terrible incident and move on.

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