Thursday, April 2, 2009

Importance of Fingerprinting Your Child

Whether you choose to outfit your child with a GPS child locator or not having them fingerprinted in case of emergency is one thing that many authorities will highly recommend. Some parents simply do not worry about getting this done since they feel that their child will never be one of the hundreds of thousands that go missing each year. But your child’s fingerprints is one thing about them that cannot be changed by an abductor making it the one sure way to identify them if a need arises.

Of course some parents feel that this is a scam to get them to buy fingerprinting kits but this is not the case and many groups will actually help you do this for free. There is also some debate right now with schools fingerprinting children since some have discussed using this to handle lunch accounts and other personal information. But at this point schools are not using fingerprints in this way and when they have fairs in which kids get fingerprinted it is strictly with the future safety of the child in mind. It only takes a few moments and can do so much good if your child ever goes missing from home.

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