Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rural Children Are Not Necessarily Safer

Parents who live in a small town tend to think their children are safer than their counterparts who live in larger more urban areas, but in reality being rural does not make a child safer from harm. The recent slaying of Sandra Cantu in Tracy, California that is a small onetime farming community that is considered the gateway to the central valley of the state. For the area this is not the first time that the media have come in to report on a case since in December four suspects were arrested for kidnapping and torturing a sixteen year old boy.

Safety of your child should be a concern to every parent whether they live in a small tight knit community or a large city of millions. The chance that your child can go off to play at a friend’s house and never come home like Sandra is something no parent should have to endure. Technology such as GPS child locator devices can make it easier for parents to know where their children are and find them quickly in an emergency. Plus children can use the panic button which is attached to the device if the case of an emergency to let their parents know that something is wrong.

Whether your child is a teen such as the boy from Tracy who was kidnapped or younger these devices can take some of the fear out of allowing your child to head out on their own. These stories do not just happen in big cities and they do not always happen to the other family but not yours. Though the odds are really not in your favor that a horrific thing like this will happen to your child the truth is it can. Do not let the image of your child skipping happily away be the last one you have as the Cantu family now does.

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