Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire Child Actress Reported For Sale

The movie Slumdog Millionaire became a sensation not only in the United States but also around the world propelling the stars and makers of the film instant fame. The small children who appeared in the movie were treated to the chance of a lifetime to come to the US, see Hollywood and visit Disney Land. It was not a hidden fact that these children were actually from the slums of their home country and people fell in love with them and their charming smiles.

Sadly news broke over the weekend that the young 9 year old girl was for sale and her very own father was the one holding the purse strings. With a reported $400,000 offered to the poverty stricken family this seemed like a fortune to them and the potential for a better life for the young girl. The story sent her father to jail where he claims that she was never for sale, but for many this story has stirred up serious controversy.

As parents we hear stories of a child being sold in another country and we tend to be thankful that in the United States this does not happen. But this is where so many parents are wrong, children are actually sold right here in our own country. Children are abducted by complete strangers and sold to other strangers for many different reasons. For some they cannot have a child so they purchase one illegally while others are actually sold into a thriving sex trade. These sex trades sound like something that would go on in anther country but children of all ages are taken and used in these horrific ways in which no parent wants to see their child end up. Luckily parents in the US are not so poverty stricken they consider selling their children and we can even protect them by using a GPS child tracking device to locate them quickly if an abduction does occur.

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