Saturday, May 30, 2009

Protecting Our Older Children From Abduction and Danger

Parents want to keep their children safe and one big concern for many is child abductions and the terrible stories we hear on the news. There are electronic devices such as the Amber Alert GPS child locator that parents can use to track their kids. But many times when our kids get to be teens we slack off and do not put as much thought into this as when they are younger. This is a mistake though as teens can be lured into situations just as serious as those involving younger children. Parents should stay involved with their teens and know who they are associated with in order to protect them as well.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teaching Kids A Little Street Smarts

For the most part most abductions of children are acted out by family or friends of the family but that still is no reason to not teach your kids a little street smarts so to speak. Of course the goal is not to scare the children so they feel that they are in danger the minute they leave the home. But knowing how to handle certain situations can build up their confidence if something does occur so they best can handle it on their own. This will also make you as a parent know they can take care of themselves in any situation so there will be less to worry about while they are out.

Parents should always know where their children are going and should teach them to check in at home to let them know. Of course the same can be done with a child locator device but getting them into the habit of checking in is still important. Practice scenarios such as a stranger approaching your child or even their getting lost and seeking help. By acting out these scenes in the safety of your own home kids can know exactly what to do if they have to implement them in the streets one day.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Using A Massage Chair When Not In Use For Better Posture

Massage chair owners know they should limit the use of their therapeutic chair to 15 minute sessions in order to avoid bruising or even possibly muscle damage. But that does not mean you cannot sit in your chair when it is not in use. Actually many chairs are designed in such a way they provide more support for the back than most any other chair in your home. This is ideal for those who are concerned with their posture or need a supportive chair in order to avoid the pain that comes along with having a bad back.

Monday, May 25, 2009

May 25 is National Missing Children's Day

Ronald Regan declared May 25, 1983 to be National Missing Children’s Day and since then every administration in the White House has honored that date for the same purpose. It was during this time in the eighties that several child abductions began garnering national media coverage. Despite the fact that abductions were not new a few cases began to get more exposure bringing to light a problem that had always before been only seen locally. The attention from Regan as well as efforts by John Walsh and others have greatly increased awareness and brought abducted and missing children to the light for all to see and help manage. Now with devices such as the Amber Alert GPS child locator parents can take an even more active approach to protecting their children.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Time Safety For Kids Out of School

As schools across the country begin to let our children off for their annual summer break it can get easy to forget the safety practices that we implement during the school year to keep them safe. Riding bikes and playing with friends in the neighborhood, sporting events, and family vacations can quickly overshadow concerns and push safety to the backs of our minds.

Of course it is now more important than ever to be vigilant with our children since they are not following the rigid schedule that school creates in their lives. Using a child locator device can make it much easier for parents to keep track of their children while they are running around playing with their friends. A device like the Amber Alert GPS child locator can make it easier to know their exact location at any given time. Plus parents can use the helpful features to ensure they stay within their safe zone and even check to make sure they are not too hot in a car. These devices are also exceptionally handy when the family takes their vacation as many times children can accidentally get separated from them while on a trip. These devices can find a child that has wandered off quickly and efficiently.

Of course simple safety steps like having the child check in and check out, staying with at least with one friend at all times, and being wary of strangers with gifts can go a long way toward keeping a child safe. Summer time away from school is supposed to be a fun time and that means hours of enjoyable activities. From baseball to playing at the park and riding bikes kids should be allowed to play and explore the world but safety should not be totally forgotten in the process.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Keeping Kids Safe While Social Networking Online

Social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook are making it even easier for predators to get close to our children and teens with little chance of detection. Unless parents are vigilant with the online activities and friends of their kids a predator can easily sneak in and gain their trust. MySpace is taking a pro-active step for parents to learn more about social networking and how best to allow their children to safely use these types of sites. The MySpace Child Safety Network is totally free for parents and kids and is loaded with all kinds of information to keep kids safer while they use these tools to connect with their friends. Just as parents can use a child locator device to watch over their kids they can now use these helpful tools to monitor them online.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ensuring Children Are Safe In The Car

It is no secret that one of the most dangerous places for anyone is in the car. Despite many laws to make our cars and roads safer still many Americans of every age die every year in unexpected accidents. For the most part parents today know that that everyone needs to be properly secured into the car to help keep them safe in the event of a crash. But too often the car seats used for our youngsters are not the proper seat for the child or is not installed correctly into the car. This makes them much less effect at protecting the child during the accident.

It is important that parents use the correct child safety seat for their age and body weight. From infants that need rear facing seats to early school age children who need proper booster seats for their size it is important to get the correct seat for your child. Of course this seat will need to be installed properly to ensure that it works correctly. Children should always be placed in the back seat away from the air bags and when very small preferably in the middle of the seat. For more information on installing your car seat contact the local highway patrol or the seat manufacturer. And for more information on protecting your child see the Amber Alert GPS child locator blog.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Receiving Amber Alerts On Your Cell Phone

Just as you can use your cell phone to track your own child when combined with a GPS child locator it is now possible to use your cell phone to help other children who may be taken from their homes. The major cell phone carriers have partnered up with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to allow cell phone users to opt in to receive Amber Alerts on their mobile phones. This means that you can help potentially recover a child that has been abducted to help return them to their home.

These Amber Alerts are delivered to the cell phone via a text message so you will need to have this capability in order to receive them. But then parents who are already using personal tracking device with their children will already have this feature on their phone. To opt in simply contact your wireless provider or sign up at the Wireless Amber Alert website.

By opting in you will receive a text message whenever an Amber Alert is issued in your area. Cell phone users do not have to worry about being bombarded with text messages since only those that apply to you and your area will be sent. For many this will not be that often as only children who qualify under specific rules can have an alert issued regarding their abduction.

Since 2002 the Amber Alert system has been credited with returning well over 430 children to their families after an abduction by either a stranger or someone within their own family who does not have custody. For many parents this has been the only live line to returning their child and now you can do your part to help out. The more people who receive the alerts in a timely manner the better the odds are that someone will spot the child and notify the authorities in order to help bring them home quickly.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Protecting Your Child From Falling Furniture

Parents go to great lengths to protect their children when they head out of the home to keep them safe from just about everything they can think of. From cell phones to child locator devices these parents can easily protect their child even if they cannot be there. Yet many times they forget about the dangers right in their own homes. The news recently has focused on toddlers and television sets placed on tall seemingly stable furniture. In a flash a young child can pull drawers out of a bureau or try and climb a entertainment center and end up pulling the piece and the television on top down on themselves. To prevent these children from getting hurt parents should anchor these pieces to the wall in order to ensure they cannot topple over.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Find Your Child Quickly!

In the past of a toddler wandered away from home families depended on the authorities to locate them or a responsible citizen to find them wandering around and return them safely to home. Of course there did not seem to be as many dangers out their for children to contend with so this system worked adequately in most cases. But parents of today need a more fail-safe solution to find their children quickly if they happen to wander off.

By using a GPS locator device parents now do not have to wait for the authorities to respond to a call or someone to just run into them and bring them home safely. With one of these personal tracking devices parents can find their kids instantly by using their web enabled cell phone. By accessing the device the child has attached to them it can report their exact location back to the cell phone complete with a map to get there quickly.

The accuracy of these units are absolutely amazing making it capable to track them within a few feet so that finding a child quickly is simple. This means that there will less time for parents to worry since they can take instant action to find their own child.