Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Receiving Amber Alerts On Your Cell Phone

Just as you can use your cell phone to track your own child when combined with a GPS child locator it is now possible to use your cell phone to help other children who may be taken from their homes. The major cell phone carriers have partnered up with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to allow cell phone users to opt in to receive Amber Alerts on their mobile phones. This means that you can help potentially recover a child that has been abducted to help return them to their home.

These Amber Alerts are delivered to the cell phone via a text message so you will need to have this capability in order to receive them. But then parents who are already using personal tracking device with their children will already have this feature on their phone. To opt in simply contact your wireless provider or sign up at the Wireless Amber Alert website.

By opting in you will receive a text message whenever an Amber Alert is issued in your area. Cell phone users do not have to worry about being bombarded with text messages since only those that apply to you and your area will be sent. For many this will not be that often as only children who qualify under specific rules can have an alert issued regarding their abduction.

Since 2002 the Amber Alert system has been credited with returning well over 430 children to their families after an abduction by either a stranger or someone within their own family who does not have custody. For many parents this has been the only live line to returning their child and now you can do your part to help out. The more people who receive the alerts in a timely manner the better the odds are that someone will spot the child and notify the authorities in order to help bring them home quickly.

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