Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teaching Kids A Little Street Smarts

For the most part most abductions of children are acted out by family or friends of the family but that still is no reason to not teach your kids a little street smarts so to speak. Of course the goal is not to scare the children so they feel that they are in danger the minute they leave the home. But knowing how to handle certain situations can build up their confidence if something does occur so they best can handle it on their own. This will also make you as a parent know they can take care of themselves in any situation so there will be less to worry about while they are out.

Parents should always know where their children are going and should teach them to check in at home to let them know. Of course the same can be done with a child locator device but getting them into the habit of checking in is still important. Practice scenarios such as a stranger approaching your child or even their getting lost and seeking help. By acting out these scenes in the safety of your own home kids can know exactly what to do if they have to implement them in the streets one day.

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