Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Importance Of Having A Fence Around A Pool

Many families across the country have swimming pools installed at their homes for their families to enjoy. Not all of these pools have a protective fence around them in order to keep kids from wandering into the pool area and falling in. Every year lots of kids drown accidentally because there was not a fence around a family pool to keep them out when they were not being supervised. Many insurance companies require their policyholders to place a fence around pools for liability issues, even if they do not have children of their own. All responsible pool owners should install a way to keep people out of the pool area. Even a child locator device cannot find a child quick enough to save their lives should they fall into a pool when no one is looking.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Grocery Cart Safety For Kids

Many moms and dads find themselves at the grocery store at least once a week getting the food their family needs to eat. Besides a child wandering off and making it necessary to use a child locator device to find them there are other dangers inside the store parents should be aware of. The grocery cart itself, though being a very handy item for placing your items and getting them from the shelf to eventually your car, can be dangerous for your child.

The odds are actually shocking to many parents in most years there are over 20,000 accidents involving a child and a shopping cart. Of these most of them involve children under the age of five, mostly because these children are not as coordinated and are top heavy making a fall out of the cart fairly easy. But also many kids are injured as they try and stand on the carts sides setting them off balance and causing them to fall over on the child. Many others are also injured when carts are on parking lots and get away from the parents and roll away with the child still inside. As parents we need to be extra cautious with our children when they are in and around shopping carts in order to keep them safe while we are shopping.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recalls and Our Kids Safety

It seems that there are more and more product recalls today than ever before and many of these involve the things that are children use each and every day. For many parents this is cause for concern since it is hard to know just what is safe for your child and what is not. Over the last couple of years there has been major recalls in the food we feed our kids and the toys they play with. Add in the usual recalls that always seem to be around cribs, safety seats, and other items due to poor construction or workmanship and shopping becomes extremely hard.

Many parents are opting to feed their children more locally grown food in order to help avoid recalls from the large plants that produce our goods. With the spinach, tomato, and peanut butter recalls that made many sick and even killed a few individuals shopping locally gives a better control on the quality of food.

The lead paint issue that caused massive toy recalls not long ago also changed the way parents purchased toys for their kids. Now smaller US based companies that make educational toys for kids are in higher demand than the plastic cheap toys that fill the mass-market toy chains. These toys may cost a little more but many parents are finding they are well worth the cost.

Safety seats, cribs and other bedding are other items that frequently are recalled by manufacturers. Many times they do not meet safety standards or workmanship is not up to par and accidents can occur. Parents should select these items carefully to ensure that they are totally safe for their children. Those at Amber Alert GPS child locator want parents to remember that more often than not when a recall occurs at least one tragedy has already occurred. Parents should ultimately take responsibility for checking the items they allow their children to use and not wait for a recall to occur.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Helping Keep Kids Safe In Their Own Neighborhoods

Like it or not there is no 100% safe place for our children to play without any danger from individuals who may do them harm. As parents we wish there were such places where they could play freely without having to worry about talking to strangers and everything else, but there is not. So it is important that we ensure our children know how to take care of themselves when they head outside to play with their friends. Kids should never play alone and when possible parents should utilize a personal tracking device so that they know where their children are at any given moment. This can go along way to keeping them safe while they are enjoying growing up.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kids Should Never Be Left Alone In Cars

We have all seen it at least once while we are out shopping. We glance in a car while we are heading into or out of the store and we see one or more children alone in a car with no parent or adult in site. Too many times we say to ourselves that they will be right out and go on our way and for the most part this turns out to be the case. But there are those times when the parent does not get right out and the actions that we could take could save a child from the exposure to the heat building up in the car.

Of course not all children who succumb to the heat in cars were left there by their parents. Too many times a car is left unlocked and a child crawls inside on their own only to end up being stuck inside possibly the trunk. Whenever a child is missing one of the first place an adult should look is inside any nearby cars. This can possibly save a life and if a child locator device is used parents can find them much quicker in order to avoid this terrible tragedy that has happened to so many other families.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tracking Kids With GPS

For decades science as well as conspiracy theorists have speculated that we would one day place chips in our children so that we could track them. Of course now when many parents hear about devices such as the Amber Alert child locator device in many cases they think of these stories. But these GPS locator devices are not chips that get placed into your child. They are simply small little units that can fit into the pocket of your little one in order to help find them quickly should they wander off or be the victim of abduction. They are not units designed to track the every move of a child from the conspiracy standpoint.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Using A Massage Chair When Not In Use For Better Posture

Massage chair owners know they should limit the use of their therapeutic chair to 15 minute sessions in order to avoid bruising or even possibly muscle damage. But that does not mean you cannot sit in your chair when it is not in use. Actually many chairs are designed in such a way they provide more support for the back than most any other chair in your home. This is ideal for those who are concerned with their posture or need a supportive chair in order to avoid the pain that comes along with having a bad back.

Many Towns Are Setting Up Kids Safety Zones

Many towns across the country are passing Child Safety Zone Laws for the areas in within the city limits in which children are known to frequent. Of course there is much debate regarding these laws and just how effective they can be to keep our children safe from sexual predators.

These safe zones generally consist of places where children are often found such as parks, playgrounds, pools, and more. Many give a sexual offender found within them a warning for the first violation and a fine for any subsequent violations of the law. Of course many law enforcement officers do admit that these laws will be tough to enforce but the communities feel that having an ordinance on the books is better than just sitting on their hands on the issue.

Of course those that defend the individuals who find themselves on the sexual predator lists that feel these people have in many cases paid their debt to society feel this only compounds to the unfair treatment this group receives. While many offenders have not harmed a child in any way they are still being scrutinized with an ever more vigilant eye. Such laws only end up creating more areas where these people cannot go.

But for parents, child safety zone laws partnered with a child locator device and vigilance is the key they feel to keeping their children safe in the modern world.