Sunday, June 28, 2009

Grocery Cart Safety For Kids

Many moms and dads find themselves at the grocery store at least once a week getting the food their family needs to eat. Besides a child wandering off and making it necessary to use a child locator device to find them there are other dangers inside the store parents should be aware of. The grocery cart itself, though being a very handy item for placing your items and getting them from the shelf to eventually your car, can be dangerous for your child.

The odds are actually shocking to many parents in most years there are over 20,000 accidents involving a child and a shopping cart. Of these most of them involve children under the age of five, mostly because these children are not as coordinated and are top heavy making a fall out of the cart fairly easy. But also many kids are injured as they try and stand on the carts sides setting them off balance and causing them to fall over on the child. Many others are also injured when carts are on parking lots and get away from the parents and roll away with the child still inside. As parents we need to be extra cautious with our children when they are in and around shopping carts in order to keep them safe while we are shopping.

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