Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kids Should Never Be Left Alone In Cars

We have all seen it at least once while we are out shopping. We glance in a car while we are heading into or out of the store and we see one or more children alone in a car with no parent or adult in site. Too many times we say to ourselves that they will be right out and go on our way and for the most part this turns out to be the case. But there are those times when the parent does not get right out and the actions that we could take could save a child from the exposure to the heat building up in the car.

Of course not all children who succumb to the heat in cars were left there by their parents. Too many times a car is left unlocked and a child crawls inside on their own only to end up being stuck inside possibly the trunk. Whenever a child is missing one of the first place an adult should look is inside any nearby cars. This can possibly save a life and if a child locator device is used parents can find them much quicker in order to avoid this terrible tragedy that has happened to so many other families.

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