Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Many Towns Are Setting Up Kids Safety Zones

Many towns across the country are passing Child Safety Zone Laws for the areas in within the city limits in which children are known to frequent. Of course there is much debate regarding these laws and just how effective they can be to keep our children safe from sexual predators.

These safe zones generally consist of places where children are often found such as parks, playgrounds, pools, and more. Many give a sexual offender found within them a warning for the first violation and a fine for any subsequent violations of the law. Of course many law enforcement officers do admit that these laws will be tough to enforce but the communities feel that having an ordinance on the books is better than just sitting on their hands on the issue.

Of course those that defend the individuals who find themselves on the sexual predator lists that feel these people have in many cases paid their debt to society feel this only compounds to the unfair treatment this group receives. While many offenders have not harmed a child in any way they are still being scrutinized with an ever more vigilant eye. Such laws only end up creating more areas where these people cannot go.

But for parents, child safety zone laws partnered with a child locator device and vigilance is the key they feel to keeping their children safe in the modern world.

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