Thursday, July 30, 2009

Keeping Track Of The Speed Of Teen Drivers

Parents who allow their teens to drive the family car like to think that their children are perfectly safe drivers and for the most part they are. But statistics show that teen drivers are more than likely to be in an accident within their first year of having a license. Of course lack of experience is a large part of this but when combined with unsafe speed it can become lethal. Parents can use the Amber Alert GPS child locator to monitor the speed of their young driver and know when they exceed a level set by parents. This can greatly help parents when it comes to deciding just how much trust to place in their young driver when they want to take out the family car.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Protecting Teens From The Dangers Of Prescription Drugs

Many teens are tempted today to take prescription drugs for recreational purposes. So many of them have parents or other relatives that are taking drugs that produce side effects that are desired by those seeking a high of some type. Of course protecting our teens from drugs even prescription ones is not as easy as protecting them from getting lost with a personal tracking device. Protecting them from drugs takes removing the chances for them getting any as well as removing their desire to do so.

While removing the ability for your child to get prescription drugs in your own home is easy, doing so in other homes is not. All parents should be careful with their prescriptions but unfortunately not all are. This means that it is extremely important for parents to let their kids know that taking drugs for anything other than a medical reason is something that they just do not stand for.

Teaching kids that there are better ways to spend their free time and that these other ways lead to a brighter future is important and should start at an early age. Waiting until they are teens and already experimenting with drugs is too late.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gun Safety For Homes With Kids

Many homes in America choose to keep guns around for various reasons. While some are avid hunters with rifles and shotguns, others just choose to keep a handgun around for the purpose of protection against intruders. Whatever the reason may be if there are children in the home whether that live that or are just visiting it is important to keep these fire arms stored where little hands cannot get a hold of them.

Many gun owners do not worry as much about little children getting a gun and firing it. They feel that a small child lacks the strength to pull back the trigger in order to shoot. But on some guns it is possible to simply drop them and the gun will go off. Plus these same individuals are usually shocked when they find out just how much pressure a small child can actually put on a trigger with their tiny fingers.

Guns should never be left loaded so that the chance of one accidentally going off is not possible. Also placing trigger locks on guns will prevent them from being fired whether by a finer or by an accidental drop on the floor. Of course the best way to store the guns you own and keep children safe are by placing them inside of a locked gun cabinet. A sturdy gun cabinet that is secured with a lock can do more to protect children from accidents with guns in the home. Of course the cabinet is useless if the key is left where children can find it since children that are slightly older will be capable of unlocking the cabinet and removing the guns out of curiosity. Taking the proper safety steps with fire arms is a gun owner’s responsibility and a excellent way to keep kids safe just like a child locator device.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Staircase Safety In The Home

Every year many accidents occur in our very own homes, and many of these accidents occur around staircases involving young children. Of course these accidents do not have to occur and in many cases can be prevented. Many children who are not competent walkers yet fall down stairs do to bad balance causing injury. While other older children fall down stairs do to slick surfaces most often because it is a wooden staircase and they are in their socks. By using gates to prevent falls at the tops of staircases and utilizing carpet or enforcing house slippers kids can have less of a danger in their own homes through staircases. Those at Amber Alert GPS child locator want all kids to grow up happy and healthy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Childproofing A Home For Safety

When parents first bring home their newborn infant they are ready to take the necessary steps to adequately childproof their home. But after the first couple of years many parents start to get lax in their diligence in keeping the safety up around their home. For this reason almost one million kids a year end up getting medical treatment for accidents that occur in their very own home.

The most common accidents involve burns, falls, and poisoning all of which is easily preventable with some care and organization. Stairways should continue to have gates across them well into the toddler years, while windows should be screened to prevent kids from falling out. Kids should always be supervised in the kitchen whether they are just watching someone cook or helping out with the chores. And no matter how old your child gets make sure cleaning agents and other poisonous chemicals are placed where kids cannot get to them.

Accidents in the home can be avoided in order to help keep children safe. Just as a parent can use a child locator device to keep their child safe when they are not at home.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ensuring Kids Use Sunscreen In The Summer Sun

Now that summer is upon us kids all over are enjoying time away from school and more time to play outside with their friends. As their children are running around the neighborhood playing with friends it gives parents more reason to be concerned about all sorts of things. While news stories place child abduction at the forefront of their minds and many use a child locator device. There are other dangers that parents need to protect their children from as well.

The summer sun can cause lots of damage if a child is not adequately protected from its rays. Parents should ensure that their children are using plenty of sunscreen and that it is being applied often so they are getting its full protection from UV rays to avoid the skin problems that can result from overexposure.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Keeping Kids Safe On The Fourth Of July

The fourth of July is quickly coming up and the fireworks tents have been set up and selling fireworks for some time to those who want to celebrate the holiday. These fireworks are a fun tradition but many families find out the hard way just how dangerous they are, especially when they have children around during the festivities.

Each state and community has their own laws regarding fireworks do to the dangers they pose to those who may be around during their use. It is common for most cities to have a complete ban on them but in the rural areas there is usually less restriction on their use.

Fireworks can be dangerous for anyone to handle but especially so with children. Kids can receive powder burns and other bodily harm from fireworks if they are still holding it when it goes off or just too close. Those at Amber Alert GPS child locator would like to remind families to have a safe and happy fourth. If possible let someone else put on the show in the sky and participate in a local fireworks show put on by those who do this for a living and keep your child safe this year.