Thursday, July 2, 2009

Keeping Kids Safe On The Fourth Of July

The fourth of July is quickly coming up and the fireworks tents have been set up and selling fireworks for some time to those who want to celebrate the holiday. These fireworks are a fun tradition but many families find out the hard way just how dangerous they are, especially when they have children around during the festivities.

Each state and community has their own laws regarding fireworks do to the dangers they pose to those who may be around during their use. It is common for most cities to have a complete ban on them but in the rural areas there is usually less restriction on their use.

Fireworks can be dangerous for anyone to handle but especially so with children. Kids can receive powder burns and other bodily harm from fireworks if they are still holding it when it goes off or just too close. Those at Amber Alert GPS child locator would like to remind families to have a safe and happy fourth. If possible let someone else put on the show in the sky and participate in a local fireworks show put on by those who do this for a living and keep your child safe this year.

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