Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting Involved With Security At Your Child's School

Most parents are concerned with the safety of their child and much even use technology such as a personal tracking device to keep them safe. But many of these same parents do not even know the security policy at the school where their child attends class everyday. Parents should become more involved with this and ensure that the school has an adequate plan in case there is trouble and are prepared for even the worst case scenarios that we see on television.

Look into the technology your child’s school uses to keep the kids safe if there is any. While older buildings may not have the systems that many of the newer include see if they use cameras to monitor halls and doors. Check to see the policy the school uses on open doors during the school day. While most schools have always had all doors unlocked all day recent shootings with schools where many children and teachers have died has changed this so not just anyone can gain access.

Also check into whether the school has a security officer on duty during the day. While most schools now have someone patrolling the campus all day long others may not or even may share a officer with several other schools in the area. While a part time officer is better than none having someone on campus at all times to look out for those who do not belong there is invaluable to the safety of the children. In many schools the security officer knows the children as well as their teachers and knows exactly which ones are at the most risk for trouble to best take care of not only them but the other students within the building.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Making Sure Your Child Plays On A Safe Swing Set

Parents want to give their children the best and ensure that they are safe at all times so many use safety devices such as a personal tracking device to help them get this done. But many of these same parents do not take the necessary precautions when setting up a swing set at their home to protect their children from accidents.

Swing sets should be placed on level ground and have a soft surface underneath in case of falls. While it is not totally necessary to use wood chips or playground rubber it is ideal. Under no circumstances should a swing set be placed on concrete since broken bones will occur for sure if a fall happens. Swing sets should also be placed level and securely fastened to the ground. Either burying the poles to a proper depth or using metal anchors either will ensure that the swing set will not flip over even when children swing as high as they can. Of course the best safety feature of all is a parent watching out for their child while they play. Adult supervision is essential especially when there are several children playing on the swing set at once.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Buying A Child Locator Device For Back To School

As many kids are heading back to school parents are stopping to consider the safety of their child while they are walking to school or waiting at the bus stop. It seems that many stories we hear of child abductions occur when a child is in between school and home. Despite laws being in place to forbid convicted sex offenders from being anywhere near a school studies show that they still are. Whether living or working in the area or just passing through it is hard for the police to know they are there until it is too late.

For this reason parents should consider getting their child a personal tracking device as part of their back to school supplies. Units such as the one from Amber Alert allow parents to get a real time exact location of their child via their cell phone. These devices fit perfectly into pockets or backpacks and use GPS technology to track a child to give the precise coordinates at any given moment.

While one of these devices will not prevent a child abduction they can certainly aid parents and police to an almost instant recovery. For families still waiting for a child to come home from school after years of not knowing what happened these child locator devices would have been worth every penny if they had been available.

Do not let a simple walk to school turn into a tragedy that can be controlled. An Amber Alert GPS locator can stack the odds in your favor of recovering a child should the worst happen. All for less than what most people pay for a day in coffee the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your child is makes it all worthwhile.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Helping Kids Stay Out Of House Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaners are all over most American homes and when children are extremely small parents put them on high shelves where they cannot be touched. But once a child becomes a little older these high shelves just do not offer enough protection when it comes to these dangerous chemicals.

While slightly older children may know better than to drink these colorful liquids they may still end up getting into them and harming themselves with them. Many will produce a nasty chemical reaction when combined and this can result in burns to the skin or noxious vapors that can cause severe damage inside when breathed in.
Parents should take steps to ensure that no child even older ones that should know better cannot access the household cleaners or chemicals in the garage. By locking them away in a storage closet or exterior shed parents can make sure that no child can get into the cleaners to hurt themselves.

Protecting children when they are toddlers is not easy since there is so much to teach them. But just because they get a little older does not mean they know it all yet. There is still much to teach not only away from the home with strangers but inside the home as well. While outside the home you can use a personal tracking device to keep them safe inside the home you can use just a little common sense.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Car Air Bag Safety For Kids

For parents the safety of their children is their number one priority so many utilize every tool they can to keep them out of danger. And parents today have lots of tools such as a personal tracking device or even nanny cams to do so. But for some situations nothing is needed but a little common sense. Parents know that children should be in a car seat as long as their state has set by law. But once they no longer need to be in that special seat they may still be too small for the front seat with the air bag.

Air bags are designed to protect those in the car but for children these protective devices are actually far more dangerous than they are helpful. Since an air bag is made to come out quickly they have a terrific force, which can cause serious injury to smaller bodies. For this reason it is recommended that all children ride in the back seat unless the air bag in the car can be disengaged when they are in the seat.

But no matter how old the child is whether a youngster in the back seat or a tween in the front seat it is essential to make sure they are wearing their seat belt at all times. Even with a air bag the occupants need to be buckled in as an accident can happen at any time and these things are made to prevent them from injury in those instances. Parents need to just use a little common sense to ensure that their children are in the safest place possible when they are riding in the car with the family. Car seats, seat belts and other safety features need to be used in the right ways at the right ages.