Friday, August 14, 2009

Buying A Child Locator Device For Back To School

As many kids are heading back to school parents are stopping to consider the safety of their child while they are walking to school or waiting at the bus stop. It seems that many stories we hear of child abductions occur when a child is in between school and home. Despite laws being in place to forbid convicted sex offenders from being anywhere near a school studies show that they still are. Whether living or working in the area or just passing through it is hard for the police to know they are there until it is too late.

For this reason parents should consider getting their child a personal tracking device as part of their back to school supplies. Units such as the one from Amber Alert allow parents to get a real time exact location of their child via their cell phone. These devices fit perfectly into pockets or backpacks and use GPS technology to track a child to give the precise coordinates at any given moment.

While one of these devices will not prevent a child abduction they can certainly aid parents and police to an almost instant recovery. For families still waiting for a child to come home from school after years of not knowing what happened these child locator devices would have been worth every penny if they had been available.

Do not let a simple walk to school turn into a tragedy that can be controlled. An Amber Alert GPS locator can stack the odds in your favor of recovering a child should the worst happen. All for less than what most people pay for a day in coffee the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your child is makes it all worthwhile.

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