Sunday, August 2, 2009

Car Air Bag Safety For Kids

For parents the safety of their children is their number one priority so many utilize every tool they can to keep them out of danger. And parents today have lots of tools such as a personal tracking device or even nanny cams to do so. But for some situations nothing is needed but a little common sense. Parents know that children should be in a car seat as long as their state has set by law. But once they no longer need to be in that special seat they may still be too small for the front seat with the air bag.

Air bags are designed to protect those in the car but for children these protective devices are actually far more dangerous than they are helpful. Since an air bag is made to come out quickly they have a terrific force, which can cause serious injury to smaller bodies. For this reason it is recommended that all children ride in the back seat unless the air bag in the car can be disengaged when they are in the seat.

But no matter how old the child is whether a youngster in the back seat or a tween in the front seat it is essential to make sure they are wearing their seat belt at all times. Even with a air bag the occupants need to be buckled in as an accident can happen at any time and these things are made to prevent them from injury in those instances. Parents need to just use a little common sense to ensure that their children are in the safest place possible when they are riding in the car with the family. Car seats, seat belts and other safety features need to be used in the right ways at the right ages.

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