Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting Involved With Security At Your Child's School

Most parents are concerned with the safety of their child and much even use technology such as a personal tracking device to keep them safe. But many of these same parents do not even know the security policy at the school where their child attends class everyday. Parents should become more involved with this and ensure that the school has an adequate plan in case there is trouble and are prepared for even the worst case scenarios that we see on television.

Look into the technology your child’s school uses to keep the kids safe if there is any. While older buildings may not have the systems that many of the newer include see if they use cameras to monitor halls and doors. Check to see the policy the school uses on open doors during the school day. While most schools have always had all doors unlocked all day recent shootings with schools where many children and teachers have died has changed this so not just anyone can gain access.

Also check into whether the school has a security officer on duty during the day. While most schools now have someone patrolling the campus all day long others may not or even may share a officer with several other schools in the area. While a part time officer is better than none having someone on campus at all times to look out for those who do not belong there is invaluable to the safety of the children. In many schools the security officer knows the children as well as their teachers and knows exactly which ones are at the most risk for trouble to best take care of not only them but the other students within the building.

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