Friday, September 25, 2009

Amber Alert Can Keep Teens Safe Too

We hear a lot about protecting out toddlers from dangers in the home as well as those out of it by childproofing as well as using devices like the child locator device. But what about the older kids? Even pre-teens and teens still need to be careful guided and watched over. While it may seem odd child proofing a home for teens it does still need to be done. Teens are susceptible to accidents involving guns, alcohol, and drugs so parents need to ensure that these items are not readily available for them in their home.

While parents may choose to drink and have prescription medications they must take it does not mean they should leave them where teens can have access. These items should be locked into liqueur cabinets as well as medicine chests where they cannot be tempted to try and take them. Of course many parents have that not my child mentality but peer pressure can be an amazing thing in the life of a teen.

Guns too are ok to have in the home but access to them should be carefully controlled. All guns and ammo should be locked safely away into gun cabinets and the key should not be accessible at all by the kids. Even if they have their own gun in that cabinet teens have no reason to take one out without the supervision of a parent to ensure that it is used properly.

Teens should also be carefully monitored while they are using cars. Though they may be excellent drivers while their parents are in the car, when alone or with friends their habits can be totally different. The Amber Alert child locator device is capable of monitoring a teens speed and can report to the parents immediately when a set speed is exceeded. This can be invaluable in keeping teens safe behind the wheel.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Protect Your Child Against Non-Stranger Abduction

So many cases where children are abducted the child is not taken by a complete stranger but by someone who knows the family or in some cases actually someone from the family. These abductions occur so much more often since the person who wants to take the child has something right from the start that a stranger does not have, the trust of the child. For a parent who has taught their children all they can about not talking to strangers keeping this other type of abduction from occurring can be tough, but there are ways to fight this and protect your child other than just outfitting them with a GPS child locator.

One trick many abductors use is to pick up the child at a bus stop or at school where they make the child think that this is what you the parents actually want. Since the child knows the person they feel that it is okay to get in the car with them. One way to combat this is with the use of a safe word. No matter who it is your child knows that they must know this secret word before they get into the car with whoever is trying to pick them up. This trick is effective for combating abductions by family members as well as by just general acquaintances that may know just enough to mislead a small child.

Parents should also be cautious of the information they are posting on the internet for all to see. By blogging about your children and posting photos of them on social networking sites you are providing potential abductors with the valuable things they need to know to make your child believe that they know this person well and should actually go with them because they truly believe this person is a friend of the family. Non-stranger abductions may be tougher to stop but it is still possible to protect your child from this form of danger.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Child Safety Gates Are Important For Home Safety

Being a parent can be tough and when you start talking about all the things that a parent has to watch for in order to keep their kids safe it can get even tougher. Many homes today now have some sort of stairs that can hurt children as soon as they start becoming mobile. Even a child just being put into their walker can manage to quickly get near a set of stairs and topple down them unless there is a barrier placed there to prevent the accident.
Luckily child safety gates have become very affordable as well as easy to use to block off your child’s access to stairwells. These gates are perfect for keeping tiny ones in walkers from falling down steps as well as keeping exploring toddlers in check when mom is trying to get the chores done. Safety gates are not only perfect for blocking access to stairs but also for stopping children from going into dangerous rooms that are not as child proof as they should be. Parents today have a lot to watch out for in order to keep their children safe. But luckily they are equipped with the tools for getting the job done such as safety gates and child locator devices so they can take good care of their children.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Using The Safety Zones Setting On The Amber Alert

One of the features that parents appreciate the most on the Amber Alert GPS child locator is the ability to map out safe zones for their child. As kids get older they begin to want to really play around the neighborhood with their friends and as a parent we set up boundaries on how far away from home they are able to go with permission so that we do not have to worry about our children beyond their own neighborhood.

The Amber Alert allows parents to program in those safe zones where their children are allowed to play. This way they can enjoy their friends but parents can be alerted if the child leaves the zone they are supposed to be within. If for some reason the child leaves the programmed in safe zone parents will receive an alert on their cell phone to let them know this has occurred. If the child was abducted by a stranger this can ensure that a search can begin immediately to recover them from the person who took them from their neighborhood. If the child left the safe zone on there own the child locator device can still help parents find their child but what happens after that is up to them.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Knowing Where Your Kids Are While Traveling

The upcoming holidays is when most families hit the road to take a vacation together and unwind while they enjoy the season and the time off. But for some families vacation can quickly turn into a very scary situation when a young child wanders off from the rest of the family. This can happen so easily and quickly at a business shopping mall or even a rest stop. For both the parents and the child the time from noticing the child is gone until they are safely returned can feel like an eternity even if it only lasts for one minute.

During a vacation everyone in the entire family is more excited than usual and this extra confusion and excitement is the ultimate recipe for a lost child. Parents are more distracted with handling souvenirs, money, and finding their way around the crowds. While kids are exited about being away from home and are more apt to see something interesting and want to take off and see it.

For this reason parents should highly consider using a child locator device on their next vacation. These handy tracking devices work excellent with a cell phone to find the exact coordinates of a child to lead you to them quickly. Once a parent sees just how effective they are while on vacation they will truly understand just how useful having a personal tracking device all year can be.