Friday, September 25, 2009

Amber Alert Can Keep Teens Safe Too

We hear a lot about protecting out toddlers from dangers in the home as well as those out of it by childproofing as well as using devices like the child locator device. But what about the older kids? Even pre-teens and teens still need to be careful guided and watched over. While it may seem odd child proofing a home for teens it does still need to be done. Teens are susceptible to accidents involving guns, alcohol, and drugs so parents need to ensure that these items are not readily available for them in their home.

While parents may choose to drink and have prescription medications they must take it does not mean they should leave them where teens can have access. These items should be locked into liqueur cabinets as well as medicine chests where they cannot be tempted to try and take them. Of course many parents have that not my child mentality but peer pressure can be an amazing thing in the life of a teen.

Guns too are ok to have in the home but access to them should be carefully controlled. All guns and ammo should be locked safely away into gun cabinets and the key should not be accessible at all by the kids. Even if they have their own gun in that cabinet teens have no reason to take one out without the supervision of a parent to ensure that it is used properly.

Teens should also be carefully monitored while they are using cars. Though they may be excellent drivers while their parents are in the car, when alone or with friends their habits can be totally different. The Amber Alert child locator device is capable of monitoring a teens speed and can report to the parents immediately when a set speed is exceeded. This can be invaluable in keeping teens safe behind the wheel.

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