Sunday, September 20, 2009

Protect Your Child Against Non-Stranger Abduction

So many cases where children are abducted the child is not taken by a complete stranger but by someone who knows the family or in some cases actually someone from the family. These abductions occur so much more often since the person who wants to take the child has something right from the start that a stranger does not have, the trust of the child. For a parent who has taught their children all they can about not talking to strangers keeping this other type of abduction from occurring can be tough, but there are ways to fight this and protect your child other than just outfitting them with a GPS child locator.

One trick many abductors use is to pick up the child at a bus stop or at school where they make the child think that this is what you the parents actually want. Since the child knows the person they feel that it is okay to get in the car with them. One way to combat this is with the use of a safe word. No matter who it is your child knows that they must know this secret word before they get into the car with whoever is trying to pick them up. This trick is effective for combating abductions by family members as well as by just general acquaintances that may know just enough to mislead a small child.

Parents should also be cautious of the information they are posting on the internet for all to see. By blogging about your children and posting photos of them on social networking sites you are providing potential abductors with the valuable things they need to know to make your child believe that they know this person well and should actually go with them because they truly believe this person is a friend of the family. Non-stranger abductions may be tougher to stop but it is still possible to protect your child from this form of danger.

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