Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Using The Safety Zones Setting On The Amber Alert

One of the features that parents appreciate the most on the Amber Alert GPS child locator is the ability to map out safe zones for their child. As kids get older they begin to want to really play around the neighborhood with their friends and as a parent we set up boundaries on how far away from home they are able to go with permission so that we do not have to worry about our children beyond their own neighborhood.

The Amber Alert allows parents to program in those safe zones where their children are allowed to play. This way they can enjoy their friends but parents can be alerted if the child leaves the zone they are supposed to be within. If for some reason the child leaves the programmed in safe zone parents will receive an alert on their cell phone to let them know this has occurred. If the child was abducted by a stranger this can ensure that a search can begin immediately to recover them from the person who took them from their neighborhood. If the child left the safe zone on there own the child locator device can still help parents find their child but what happens after that is up to them.

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