Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gang Safety For Kids

When talking to your children about gangs, it's important to not only let them know about the dangers but to also LISTEN to what they have to say about gangs. A gang is basically a group of people who try to control a specific area or location, which they often call their "turf." (That area may be a small section of a neighborhood, an entire city, or even larger.) Gangs are often involved in illegal activities like selling drugs, threatening people, and even violence. Have an honest chat with your child today to help ensure that they stay far away from gangs tomorrow and for the rest of their lives. With a child locator device like the Amber Alert parents can listen in to conversations their child is having to help keep them safe.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Know That Your Child Made It Safely

Every kid comes to a time in their life when they want to walk to school or ride their bike to their friend’s house all by themselves. For parents letting them go can be extremely hard but at the same time they know the day must come when their child becomes more independent. With the Amber Alert GPS child locator letting go can be a little easier since there will still be the peace of mind of being able to watch over them as they go about their day.

These GPS enabled personal tracking devices can give exact coordinates to parents of their child’s location and even receive an alert when they arrive safely at their destination. Knowing they are safely at school or another home can make giving them permission to travel alone a whole lot easier while giving your child their independence with age.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Better Battery Power With The New Amber Alert

While the Amber Alert GPS child locator provided a quick and efficient way for parents to find the exact location of their child many felt that the battery life on the unit was a little short. With the new Armor edition of the device battery life has been vastly improved and there is an extended battery available for an extra charge for those who feel they need the ability to have more coverage time between charges. With an extended battery life the personal tracking device will work longer in order for parents to get more real time tracking.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The New Armor Features Two-Way Voice

Should your child become lost finding them quickly is the top priority for both parents and authorities. With the Amber Alert GPS child locator the exact location of any child can be found quickly with a cell phone. And now with the new Armor version of this device parents can now have the ability to have two-way voice conversations with their child at the same time.

Being able to talk to them and let them know help is on the way will be a great peace of mind not only to the lost child but to the parents as well. Whether they just wandered off at the local park or even if there was an accident of some kind. Talking to your child during a stressful time or just when you need to during a regular day makes this device even more useful.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Be Alerted When Your Child Is Near A Predator

While there is still not the technology to alert parents when a convicted child predator is anywhere near their child, but there is the ability to know when your child is near their home. The new Amber Alert Armor works in conjunction with the national database of convicted sexual predators to allow parents to receive an alert on their cell phone when their child is within a short distance of the residence of one of these potentially dangerous people. This new feature has been added to a child locator device that has won more awards and accolades for making it easier for parents to keep track of their children and keep them safe. All in one small easy to use package that costs parents far less than a cell phone for their child.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get An App To Track Your Child

It seems like every parent today carries a smart phone to not only stay in touch with but also to help them keep track of their busy lives. Now these parents can also use their smart phone to keep track of their child to make sure they are safe and do not get lost.

By using an Amber Alert Armor child locator device along with a smart phone parents can know the whereabouts of their child within just a few feet at any given moment. Plus parents can set alerts and manage them in order to receive important notices about the movement of their child as they go about their day away from home.

The peace of mind that knowing you can find your child should they become lost or abducted is worth the small price it takes to place one of these personal tracking devices on your child to connect with your smart phone via your cell phone carrier.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

GPS Protection In A Small Package

For parents the idea of losing their child and never finding them again is one that will create more sleepless nights than anything. We see on the news children that are abducted and never seen again or if they are the story has a tragic ending. But we cannot be with our children at all times to protect them from the dangers no matter how hard we try.

But with the advances in technology parents can have a way to almost be with their children at all times with a device that is as small as two Oreo cookies stacked on each other. While it may seem like such a device would be easy to lose it can be attached to your child so that you do not have to worry about lose but yet you can still get their exact coordinates at any time.

The new features that are available from the Amber Alert Armor GPS tracking device make not only knowing where your child is a breeze but so much more. With two way calling features it is like having a cell phone on them but without the high price. Plus with the new child predator database knowledge you can be alerted any time your child goes near the residence of a predator.

The piece of mind of knowing you can always find your child makes the small investment needed to have one of these child tracking devices one that is well worth the cost. There is no better and safer way to keep track of your children.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hoping For A Safe Return of Kyron

As the search for Kyron Horman enters week 3 with still no answers parents all across the country are wondering how something like this could happen. While search crews are still looking for the missing 7 year old in Portland Oregon out hearts go out to his parents who miss their son and want him to come home safely.

For other parents this is a grim reminder that any child can be taken away in the blink of an eye. Even in cases such as this one where the child is supposed to be safely inside their school it is possible for a child to be abducted. While there are no leads and the fact the school was open for the day for a science fair makes it even more difficult for the search since it cannot be focused in one particular area.

For parents who before thought their children were perfectly safe while at school this opens up a new concern that can be addressed with the help of a child locator device. These units use GPS technology to track kids all for one low monthly fee. Had Kyron been wearing one at the time of his disappearance his parents would have known he was not at school much earlier in the day as opposed to when he did not come home from school. Plus the coordinates of his location would make it quick and easy to find him and bring him home.

For such a low fee there is no reason for every child to not carry a personal locator device each and every day; whether playing in the neighborhood or attending school.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Using GPS Technology To Get Kids Outside

One of the main things that parents of today notice about their children’s lives and that of their own when they were young is the amount of time spent outside each day. Before the internet and technology as so present in our lives many kids and even families spent more time outside playing and being together. Kids today spend a considerable more amount of time inside playing video games and browsing on the internet. Electronic gadgets are fascinating and fun but this lack of exercise is taking its toll on our youth.

But there is a way you can use those electronic gadgets to get the kids outside and spend some quality time together as a family. GPS technology is good not only for getting directions in your car of even as a child locator device but it can be the center of a fun game as well. Most everyone has at least heard of geocaching but few have actually gave this fun pastime with a GPS a try.
In short geocaching is the use of a GPS enabled device to find a stash located somewhere in your area. There are many clubs, organizations, and individuals who create caches and post their locations on the web for others to find. These caches are most often a can with a few trinkets inside like key chains and those who find the cache is free to take something from the can but they need to add something else back in.

These caches are sometimes very easy to find while others are hidden at their location to add a little extra challenge to finding them. Those looking for them use a GPS to get within the last ten feet or so then have to finish searching for the cache on their own. This modern day treasure hunt is a big hit with kids since it is a fun adventure with a prize at the end.

Many are surprised to find out just how many caches are in their area already as well as places they visit and vacation. Of course you do not have to search for these existing caches there is no reason why a family cannot go out and place a few of their own at a park or wilderness area to find on camping trips and more. Kids have just as much fun hiding the treasure as they do finding it with their GPS unit.

Parents will find that this modern day treasure hunt with a electronic personal tracking device is a big hit with the kids that will get them outside more and more. With school almost out for the summer finding ways to get them outside and off the computer or away from the television is important for their overall health and will make for a tighter family when these activities are done together.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Earth Sandwiches: Art of the Future?

“If the Earth were a sandwich, we’d get along so well…” –Ze Frank

In May 2006, performance artist, essayist, composer, dancer, and comedian, Ze Frank, challenged the viewers of his video blog, “The Show” to make an Earth Sandwich. An Earth Sandwich is made by:

1. Finding two places on the Earth directly opposite from one another. This is harder than it may sound since the majority of North America is directly opposite from the Indian Ocean. New Zealanders and Europeans can make quite a few sandwiches together. As can Northeastern Thais and Peruvians. People are Shanghai, China can make sandwiches with people in Concordia, Argentina.

2. Find someone in the country opposite from you and convince them to make an Earth Sandwich with you.

3. Place a piece of bread on the ground.

4. Have the other person place a piece of bread on the ground directly opposite you.

And there you have it! A sandwich with the entire Earth in the middle!

When the first Earth Sandwich was made between a team in Spain and a wacky guy in New Zealand, they video tapped the process and the placement of the bread and posted their videos online. And thus, art was made. Or was it? Is using GPS technology to determine a place directly opposite from you on the Earth and then simply placing a piece of bread on really “art”?

“Art” can be defined as “the creation of works of beauty or other special significance.” While it is certainly debatable whether or not an Earth Sandwich is “beautiful” or not, it certainly is significant in that it brings people on opposite sides of the Earth together to complete a task. It requires planning and cooperation. If only the two people, (or teams) involved see the Earth Sandwich, can it then be called “art”? Or does it need to be documented somehow are shared? Is the “art” made from the mere act of creating the work or does the work need to be viewed by people other than the “artists” in order to qualify as “art”?

Regardless, Earth Sandwiches and other GPS activities such as Geocaching, Earthcaching, Geodashing, Geofencing, Geotagging, GPS drawing, OpenStreetMap content, and Waymarking are changing the world we live in whether we like it or not. These GPS activities allow people from all over the world to not only communicate with one another, (which they’ve been doing via the internet with chat programs, social networking sites and IMs for decades), but to actually engage in activities “together” while physically “apart.” The creation of art of other GPS artifacts is only the beginning.

GPS technology has allowed for incredible advancements. Today, a GPS child locator can help parents and Police locate missing children quickly and accurately. These GPS Amber Alert devices have emergency buttons and can even allow parents and the authorities to “listen in” on their children, wherever they may be. Now that’s progress.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Salt Lake City News Features Amber Alert GPS

Salt Lake City is like most major American cities and has its own fair share of missing child stories, some that end tragically and others that end happily. While the disappearance and missing person case of Jennifer Smart may be the most known outside of the state due to its out of the ordinary recovery of a child that had been missing for quite some time.

Recently the ABC news station in Salt Lake did a story on the Amber Alert GPS child locator device and just how effective this device can be for parents to keep track of their children. While everyone hopes to never have to use it in an abduction case the fact that parents can recover their child in this way is a wonderful peace of mind.

For those who may not have heard of the Amber Alert GPS child locator this story that can be seen on Youtube is a great introduction to the device and just how useful it can be for parents. No matter where you live whether it is Salt Lake, another major city, or even just a small town in the United States parents everywhere will find this electronic personal tracking device useful. Others may have seen this device before and considered it to be too much for parents who are paranoid. But if you listen to parents who have used this device in the scary moments that come when you realize you do not know where your child is; the relief that comes from being able to locate them instantly is worth the money spend on the GPS device. Watch the video and then check out the website for this extremely useful device and then decide if this is something that will work for you to help keep track of your child.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Child Motorcycle Safety

While parents work hard to protect their children, even going so far as to use a child locator device, sometimes accidents do happen. Many parents have motorcycles and enjoy taking their children for rides on these machines. If you take your child along with you while riding a motorcycle, there are some important child safety precautions and procedures to remember.
Where to Ride
Your child should always sit behind you. This is the safest place your child and the safest place for you to be sitting while driving. Although it’s tempting to let children “ride in the front” so that they can see what’s going on, it is extremely unsafe for you and them. When a child sits up front, the easiest place for them to put their hands is on the handlebars and/or controls with you never want your child to mistake as toys.
Rules of the Ride
Teach your child how to sit on and ride on a motorcycle properly. Make sure they know what and where to hold on to while riding. And let them know that sudden movement can throw your ride off, making it dangerous for both of you. Make sure they know to stay sitting down throughout the whole ride. You, of course, understand how exhilarating riding can be, but standing up on the back of a motorcycle is never safe.
Long sleeve shirts and long pants (denim if possible) are best. Leather is always great for motorcycle riding as it provides the best protection. Leather pants (or chaps) and a leather jacket is ideal for your child. Gloves are also recommended to help keep your child’s hands safe. Properly fitting and sturdy shoes or boots are also a necessity. Perhaps most importantly, your child will need a DOT helmet and protective eyewear. Polycarbonate plastic lenses are the most shatter-resistant. Another option is to have your child wear a full face helmet which can protect not only their eyes but their face as well. Dust, road debris and sunlight can be very irritating and harmful to young eyes (and your own).
Floorboards and Pegs
Most floorboards and pegs are designed for an average height adult passenger. You may need to alter yours or install adjustable floorboards or pegs to properly fit your child’s height. Otherwise, the highway bars on the back of the bike may be used as footrests if they match up to your child’s height appropriately.
Rules of the Road
Despite how you ride when alone or with adults, always obey traffic laws, especially the speed limit. Although your child may beg to go “faster, faster,” keep in mind that you’re the adult and you need to do what’s best for your child’s safety whether you’re at home or on the open road.
Lap Time, Not Nap Time
The sweet sounds of your motorcycle’s engine and that steady vibration may be enough to lull your child to sleep. Even if you have a sissy bar on the back of your bike, it’s extremely dangerous for your child to sleep while riding. The potential that they could fall off is far too great to risk it. Be aware of your child’s posture and body language while you’re driving. If you suspect, even for a second, that your child is getting sleepy, it’s best to pull over and take a break before continuing your ride.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Child Internet Safety: Networking Sites

Networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and more are extremely popular these days – with adults and children alike. But you may not realize how dangerous these sites can be for your children. Networking sites may be the venue for cyber-bulling, cyber-stalking, child pornography, identity theft, or even scams and fraud. Just as parents want to keep their kids safe away from home with a child locator device they also want to keep them safe on the internet. The best way to keep your children safe from these dangers online is to educate yourself.

Cyber-bullying occurs whenever one person or group of people use the internet or other communication devices (like cell phones) to behave in a hostile manner toward another person or group of people. Cyber-bullying may involve threats and/or pictures and messages intended to embarrass the other party. Cyber-bullying may also involve hateful or racist words or images or even unwanted sexual images or remarks.

Cyber-stalking (sometimes called cyber-harassment) occurs when people use the internet and other communication devices to stalk someone and can cause a great deal of distress for the person being stalked.

Child Pornography involves the taking, distribution, or possession of sexually explicit images of prepubescent children. If your child is sexting (sharing naked pictures of themselves or others via their cell phone or the internet), they could unknowingly be committing the crime of distributing and possessing child pornography.

Identity Theft is basically when someone uses personal information to pretend to be someone else in order to access and steal money or other items and benefits. The internet accounts for the majority of identity theft cases today.

Scams and Fraud are running rampant on networking sites. People are creating fake “profiles” on these sites in order to lure children (and adults alike) into their scams and schemes.

The most important way you can keep your children safe online is to talk to them about their online use. Ask them what sites they like and where they “go” online. Opening the dialogue may be all you need to do with some kids. Once you’ve started the conversation, they may overflow with stories and information about their internet usage. But other children are more secretive and may feel like you’re prying. Be sure to let them know that you have their best interests in mind and are concerned for their physical and emotional welfare. Be sure to use proper internet terminology (above) when discussing the net with your children so that they know you’ve done your homework and know what you’re talking about.

Also, make sure your children know that it is never ok to meet someone from the internet IRL (in real life, that is, in person) unless you have approved of the meeting. If you do approve of your child meeting someone from online in person, make sure that you or a suitable adult chaperone is present to ensure the safety of your child.

The world of sexting and networking sites may be intimidating and scary for parents but it doesn’t have to catch you off guard. Educate yourself and your family about the dangers of the internet in order to keep them smart and safe.