Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Know That Your Child Made It Safely

Every kid comes to a time in their life when they want to walk to school or ride their bike to their friend’s house all by themselves. For parents letting them go can be extremely hard but at the same time they know the day must come when their child becomes more independent. With the Amber Alert GPS child locator letting go can be a little easier since there will still be the peace of mind of being able to watch over them as they go about their day.

These GPS enabled personal tracking devices can give exact coordinates to parents of their child’s location and even receive an alert when they arrive safely at their destination. Knowing they are safely at school or another home can make giving them permission to travel alone a whole lot easier while giving your child their independence with age.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Better Battery Power With The New Amber Alert

While the Amber Alert GPS child locator provided a quick and efficient way for parents to find the exact location of their child many felt that the battery life on the unit was a little short. With the new Armor edition of the device battery life has been vastly improved and there is an extended battery available for an extra charge for those who feel they need the ability to have more coverage time between charges. With an extended battery life the personal tracking device will work longer in order for parents to get more real time tracking.