Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Craigslist Scam Puts Children In Danger

While Craigslist may be a useful website for those looking to buy and sell goods in their area, it is also gaining a reputation for being dangerous to unsuspecting users. From money scams to murders there has been plenty of crime based on the ads posted at Craigslist. For this reason buyers and sellers alike need to be wary and use caution when making contact with a stranger via the classified site.
The latest scam involves a fake casting call for kids, which ends up becoming an abduction. Parents bring in their child from infants on up only to have them stolen away while they wait in the very next room. While it can be hard as a parent to protect our children at all times technology can help for those who put an electronic tracking device on their child to locate them should they ever be the victim of abduction.

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