Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pu'erh Tea Storage and Aging Tips

Pu'erh teas of all types, shapes, and farming can be aged to enhance their flavour, however the tea's physical properties may affect the speed associated with aging as well as it's quality. These qualities include:

Leaf quality: The most crucial factor, arguably, is actually leaf quality. Maocha that has been incorrectly processed will not grow older to the level of finesse. But properly processed maocha will mature well. The actual grade of the leaf also significantly affect its high quality, and thus its ability to mature well.

Compression: The actual tighter a tea is compressed, the actual slower it will grow older. In this respect, looser leaf - as well as stone-pressed pu'ers will age faster than denser hydraulic-pressed pu'er.

Size and shape: The more surface area, the actual faster the teas will age. Bingcha as well as zhuancha thus age faster than jincha, golden melon, and tuocha. Larger bingcha grow older slower than more compact bingcha, and so forth.

Just as essential as the actual tea's properties, the environment of the tea's storage also affects how fast and successfully a teas ages.

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